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Understanding the affect of anxiety on the body is the first step in overcoming it. Understand anxiety with tips from a yoga instructor in this free video on…




  • Nicole Hathaway 7 years ago

    Which ones…………….. what do I click on next. She’s got so many videos…….. God I just want to get this to stop…. but I don’t know where to go and I’m already panic-y.

  • farhannius 7 years ago

    nicole you are not helping your situation by being panicky, you must choose to consciously teach your subconscious that you are not an anxious ridden person. You are only feeding your troubles when you say things like “God I just want this to stop”. Make learning to breathe properly the first step towards bettering yourself.

  • lulu ahmad 7 years ago

    i think an important step to take is to be honest with yourself and actually admit that your scared/anxious because alot of the time we tend to pretend its not there and try and block out the feeling…then it just comes back stronger. I find if you acknowledge your anxious speak to yourself tell yourself that the situation your in is not a threat….then i take a deep breath in and then breath out really slowly for a count of about 10. That usually stops me from getting a full blown panic attac

  • Roxane O. 7 years ago

    why would you put a zooming car commercial to start off the anxiety video? weird.

  • Kapo465 7 years ago

    What if i have anxiety, my heart beats fast. But im not really stressing over anything, but yet im stressing.

  • n1ggerofdeath 7 years ago


  • michelsvideos 7 years ago

    the adrenalin makes adrenalin and the vains in the neck get cramp

  • Nirmalite1 7 years ago

    Try Buteyko Method of Breathing and FreeMeditation com . They both work!

  • AnthosHero 7 years ago

    That means you probably have what’s known as Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This is anxiety, but not on anything specific.

  • Kapo465 7 years ago

    Yeah, i figured. Im always thinking about something.. Being a hypochondriac as well.. But im getting over it, and im feeling better and better everyday ever since i stopped taking xanax too.

  • Kapo465 7 years ago

    What else would you recommend i could do? I have started working out a bit, and a decent amount of cardio. I take a bit of 5htp here and there which seems to help. But what else would you recommend i could do, perhaps something im missing

  • MsRamona14 7 years ago

    what did you do?

  • Kapo465 7 years ago

    I think im okay these days 🙂

  • baddestbarbii 7 years ago

    Im literally having a panic attack right now. This is so comforting.. .no lie…

  • Gently in the East 7 years ago

    reception of the torah and any thing we here, and it makes us recognize that that animal is also divine, the way in which we are moved is happening for a reason, as we are also a part of the unfolding of it, as are the animals we find around they are blessed by hashem and hashem speaks through them, so we honor them as we honor hashem who is all, as the higher consciousness who speaks through all and the inner wisdom which can dynamically discern right from wrong

  • Gently in the East 7 years ago

    ways, all forms, and no forms, it is by this mitzvah that we shun war and practice vegetarianism,
    love all and know Hashem in our hearts coming to percieve the living Heaven of the true divine force which guides us through life which encourages questioning when we see something wrong! this is the ultimate paradoxical jewish meditation because it calls out to be recognized for the animal within us which makes us stand up shamanically and moves us to our proper

  • Gently in the East 7 years ago

    kahyah shivyon, animal equality is a g’milut chasidim of the mishnah, and also the tradition jewish prayer for compassion in nonduality, the jewish spirit is revealed to that all beings recieve this equivalent gift from Hashem and yet to each of them it is special, so the Jewish people are chosen and yet all beings and peoples are chosen in their own way by Hashem who is all

  • TheGloryfighter1000 7 years ago

    God please help me and give me the strength I have a terrible ego and attitude I shall practice this breathing my breathing is so off aswell sigh..

  • TheGloryfighter1000 7 years ago

    Most people don’t even know they have anxiety I didn’t know anxiety until I preety much woke up one morning facing straight fear and pure not goodness.Oh we’ll I guess it’s never to late to break threw the negative ego and terror.

  • Pauline Pallow 7 years ago

    To prevent anxiety and panic attacks permanently, you must know what exactly cause it, ways to avoid it as well as what make it worse.
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