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  • Leslie Christina 7 years ago

    can’t wait to go home and try out your videos looking forward to it!!!

  • Kimberly Bell 7 years ago

    I have done this video two mornings in a row now and really am enjoying how good I feel afterwards. Today I added the 7 minute yoga workout to tighten my buns. They are gentle, yet feel very effective. Thank you!

  • Shontelle Begay 7 years ago

    ouch!! my booty is burning but i hope it will all pay off soon.. =))
    thank you for the videos!!..

  • Natalia Lukaszewicz 7 years ago

    I love your videos- you explain things really well 🙂 But a question – my lower back hurts when I do the chair – is that ok? Is it just because I have a weak back, or am I doing something wrong? 

  • Darius Zarenejad 7 years ago

    Very nice video, Lori

  • Jerry Tamayo 7 years ago

    Enjoyed the video….It’s good when someone explains every movement; that ensures the viewer that he or she is doing the movement correctly.

  • Facebook Wit 7 years ago

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  • Vsevolod Koudriavtsev 7 years ago

    stretch after a run, gorgeous presenter.

  • byront 7 years ago

    The Chair Pose variation looks really effective. The other poses in the beginning look very similar to Pilates.

  • Bill Yancey 7 years ago

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  • Adam Weishaupt 7 years ago

    I’d smash !! 😀

  • Adam Weishaupt 7 years ago

    5:50 that ass ! :D

  • Yenzshop khy 7 years ago

    Great vid n explanation lori, but i wish i can hear your voice louder..
    anyway many thanks for sharing

  • willie lavender 7 years ago

    beautiful lady…are you latina?…gorgeous feet.

  • shinebox0406 7 years ago

    well there’s no such thing as a female only exercise. yoga really isn’t for me, but in the gym you see guys avoiding certain exercises or areas of their body because they think only women work out parts of their legs or butt.

    it’s just not so, there is no such thing as a womanly muscle in the body. it’s just muscle, and they all need to be worked. male and female exercises don’t really need to be different.

  • Phillip Benoit 7 years ago

    Tightin dat booty, up in da air now. FEEl the engagement not just quads but in the booty, make sure ur booties burning!!!

  • dtharap 7 years ago

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  • plentyggroover 7 years ago

    I recently took up yoga started watching your videos, and I’m making almost all of them my favorite after I watch them. You have great advice and a great routine, thank you!
    Any guy that says men who do yoga are jokes…. You’re a joke!

  • mmavideopl 7 years ago

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  • Gail Chan 7 years ago

    Have been doing these a little over a week and already feeling the difference, i love your videos.

  • Zoran Trajkovski 7 years ago

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  • georgeker1 7 years ago

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  • Joseph Viray 7 years ago

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  • Erdogan777Fly 7 years ago

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