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  • mharley284 7 years ago

    i love you sonja

  • JustThaTruth 7 years ago

    Yoga can open you all up to demonic entities.

  • combarbala 7 years ago

    oh baby……

  • bpace21 7 years ago

    Wow… Beautiful

  • dietprogram100 7 years ago

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  • era stha 7 years ago

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  • burnthefat1000 7 years ago

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  • MonroeComplex 7 years ago

    The exercise practices of yoga and the spiritual practices of yoga are two separate things. Don’t spread lies. Working out cannot “open you up to demons”. This would be like saying , “Going for a jog will open you up to demons.” The body is God’s temple, we should respect it and take care of it. You don’t have to practice the spiritual aspects of yoga to practice the physical aspects.

  • JustThaTruth 7 years ago

    This is true and the two can be separated. I should have said that this can lead to curiosity, as most places, do not separate the two and the practices I am referring to, aren’t so far from normal yoga. A lot of it involves types of breathing etc. that allows for one to easily go into a meditative state. When you are there, your mind is clear and entities can enter in. I wasn’t trying to upset you, or sway people from exercise.

  • VOLTIS5 7 years ago

    how so? please stop staying stuff like that. we don’t need to hear that here.

  • GODF1R3 7 years ago

    Yoga makes babes so fine

  • MrKokowe 7 years ago

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  • Tarot Mistress 7 years ago

    This is more beginner friendly… I found your video through Yogatic’s stress sequence and it was too fast paced for me. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m going to try this sequence next time I need it and Ill tell you how it goes 🙂

  • Kristin Trim 7 years ago

    Thanks for the video. It was a little fast for a beginner so I skipped some parts. (oops!) But seriously, direct me to the videos to get that yoga behind!

  • bs82085 7 years ago

    When your mind is clear, positive energy can enter you. I don’t know what you mean by “entities” but it sounds incredibly superstitious. Those that have the perspective you do on yoga I believe are ignorant on what it really is. Are you suggesting that having a loud, cluttered, or stressed mind is in someway healthier than having a clear calm focused mind? I would suggest to you that anything but a clear mind would be more susceptible to any negative influence that you believe may be out there.

  • JustThaTruth 7 years ago

    What I state is fact. Take time and look into it. it doesn’t make sense to downplay what I said, for the sake of winning a non-argument. The spiritual realm is more real than you and me. To toy with it is foolish and people need ot be aware of the possibilities, rather than jump in and hurt themselves. It’s better to ask questions, do research and then proceed.

  • bs82085 7 years ago

    That is a very unfocused response. You did not answer my question, or respond to my suggestion to you. I would not have responded to your statement had I not have looked into it extensively. I was raised in a christian religion and have spent many years studying the philosophy and theology of Yoga and many other spiritual practices. I do not believe in creating disharmony between different spiritual practices. They all have commonalities inherent in the root of what they are.They all have truth

  • bs82085 7 years ago

    I am curious to know what you think about the clear mind. It was the reason I responded to you in the first place. Because I believe the clear mind to be a state of strength and ability, allowing one to be more aware of what they are allowing to influenced them. And you seem to see the clear mind as a state of vulnerability. This is what I am curious about.
    I’m not in disagreement that when a person opens themselves up they are capable of allowing in both negative or positive.

  • JustThaTruth 7 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with having a clear mind, it’s great to free up the mind. However, the ways in which one can go about this can differ and certain practices, for this, can in fact lead to possession. One does not always know when they are possessed. Chanting certain phrases, while breathing in certain ways, while being in certain positions, all have meaning, whether one has understanding of that, or not. Kundalini yoga is for example, is very real and dangerous.

  • aiembord2 7 years ago

    wooowwww nice legs

  • Dominick Delaurentis 7 years ago

    she is fine

  • pasquale canale 7 years ago

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  • DrMythology 7 years ago

    i’m not flirting but truly your beauty is angelic

  • Ekachai Saetang 7 years ago

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  • Himal Fernando 7 years ago

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  • Mo Khan 7 years ago

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