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  • SexyDragonMaster 7 years ago

    This is mad sexy…….great video….keep on making them ^_^

  • TheBoomshine 7 years ago

    Awesome video!

  • troglodyte3344 7 years ago

    good dog

  • capcom101you 7 years ago

    that was great

  • deke441 7 years ago

    Up dog definitely got my circulation going..Ty!

  • CtoThe JtoTheG 7 years ago

    Have to glue my eyeballs back in

  • Kaseypink123 7 years ago

    Thank you Sonja…your yoga videos are excellent…they are really increasing my flexibility 🙂

  • ijwtwy 7 years ago

    sonja with all due respect… you are extremelly hot!

  • EverlastingSponger 7 years ago

    I guess Yoga does a body good. 😉

  • barelylegalpigeons 7 years ago

    the hair flip is always good in yoga…it’s absolutely essential to concentrate on how pretty you look at all times to others…long hair also helps hide the line of your spine, so that beginners really have the opportunity to experiment with what it means to be an ambulance call away from an injury…lol…not to mention, it’s fun to get hair in your mouth and mat while you teach…cough cough hair ball cough ~ need a hair elastic or a bobby pin or some gel?

  • charlig69 7 years ago

    Sonja, I know you want to give a nice view with the window open, but it is too bright outside …

  • Adam Paredes 7 years ago

    do this shit in urbr and thong baby so i can wank off u dirty sluttt…

  • timabad 7 years ago

    sonja + new video = break out the lube.

  • plaidchuck 7 years ago

    lol u fuckers are too much with your comments

  • dapsapsrp 7 years ago

    If I did those moves around the 3:45 mark I would not feel toxins squeezing out of my organs but more like serious pain. Sonja moves so smoothly and is amazingly felxible. Nice professional video.

  • therarasblabla 7 years ago

    Y don’t u tie your hair back it is a really annoying mess doesnt it bother you ?

  • i would not mind putting it inside her

  • smilinjoe1 7 years ago

    This is definitely changing my blood flow…GJ!!

  • Bruce White 7 years ago

    Nice slow pace and good instruction. Also, not just a snippet, but a series.Thank you

  • Purple Stardust 7 years ago

    Thanks for reminind me how much I need to get my Yoga workouts back on track.

  • Daniea3 7 years ago

    Sonja, definitely keep up with posting these yoga routines and individual asanas (my fave). You are an excellent teacher! Very to the point.

  • Bagi100 7 years ago

    me to i would fucke her all day.

  • ChayaFaya 7 years ago

    this is awesome but a little too fast paced for a begginer I’m just getting into it and her pace is like I need to have done it before

  • TheFindingLight 7 years ago

    What form of yoga would this be considered? There are a lot of different types and I never know what kind of movements fit into which yoga type! :

  • Becky Johnson 7 years ago

    @gueo224s hahahaha no!!!! look the link the muscle building method I’m using is in the description of my profile.
    You really made me laugh!

  • cocacolaopenhappines 7 years ago

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  • CerpinTaxt37 7 years ago

    Consider myself in decent shape, decided to give a Yoga lesson a shot…

    Damn! This kicked my ass! Got plenty of work ahead of me.

  • geluloid 7 years ago

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  • Egor Korninski 7 years ago

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  • RiuyoLoquendero45 7 years ago

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