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  • abyssquick 7 years ago


  • TomMarAlem1987 7 years ago

    All that yoga must make for efficent and solid bowel movements.

  • belshazer 7 years ago

    😛 my cat is the same way!! i wake up and she runs right to the mat and meows. I do some basics poses and she circles me like a supportive spirit! love it! and its annoying.

  • Katoto400228 7 years ago

    lol: the cat is amazing! ^_^

  • chris jones 7 years ago

    give me yo numbah and i’ll relax yoo baybay

  • moviedude22 7 years ago

    very fluid

  • hotworkoutbody 7 years ago

    Awesome!!!! love yoga

  • acuralegend1988 7 years ago

    down dog really hurts my knees…. feels wonderful on the back tho

  • DemonicSymphonic 7 years ago

    nice body baby. i wouldn’t mind you doin yoga on my cock

  • Hokibukisa 7 years ago

    hahaha cat cameo

  • Ameek Singh 7 years ago


  • LawngCat 7 years ago

    Thanks again for the great videos, Sonja. Always so helpful.

    I had to watch the last third of your video twice because the first time I got distracted watching your lovely new co-host. lol. All the more enjoyable.

  • demanding2bfree 7 years ago

    thats horrible,but at the same time humorous

  • Yourebuying 7 years ago

    The cat wins this video.

  • bluesgurugod 7 years ago

    Sonja… I might not be the first to say this but.. you have a very nice pussy!

  • Bofinkarna 7 years ago

    Grab a cat!

  • Morphis 7 years ago


  • DemonicSymphonic 7 years ago

    Giggity goo!

  • DemonicSymphonic 7 years ago

    Not to mention tits and ass. Giggity!

  • DemonicSymphonic 7 years ago


  • DemonicSymphonic 7 years ago

    I want to see the cat do Yoga

  • BernieMadoffLMAO 7 years ago


  • eFxLiiVe 7 years ago

    i bet she’d be real good in bed. Any hot yogo teacher would 😉

  • sidthemyth 7 years ago

    my cat came to me before yours did. :)

  • gunplow 7 years ago

    she makes my cobra poes

  • gunplow 7 years ago


  • haseebgood 7 years ago


  • Raul Alberto Carrasco Diaz 7 years ago



  • OkZac 7 years ago

    Very informative…I downloaded to practice. The cat wants to do yoga as well! lol. Yea and I concur with you guys….she has a fantastic arse!….the yoga instructer that is lol

  • OkZac 7 years ago

    hahahahahaha this is funny!

  • 765lbsquat 7 years ago

    that’s a nice pussy you got there

  • Daniea3 7 years ago

    So cute…yeah, my cat always gets on the floor with me in yoga practice and really shows me how it’s done!

  • Hamayun Shah 7 years ago

    she has a cute pussy

  • Griffopotimus 7 years ago

    for the best view of her pussy go to 7.46 LMAO

  • zefit brown 7 years ago


  • JumpmanAK23 7 years ago

    I love how the cat just comes in lol. You should have him/her in all the videos. Anyways liked the routine good vid, thanks.

  • Sezy Kismir 7 years ago


  • Sezy Kismir 7 years ago

    sooo cute! i bet the cat wants to show off his/her own Cat Poses =)

  • Jørgen Ringhenim 7 years ago

    dat ass

  • That ass tho

  • Sylvia Ellis 7 years ago

    this is a great morning warmer, thanks for the work out & ham streatch

  • Abdulla Kartoev 7 years ago

    it`s to slow

  • drfred1203 7 years ago

    It’s to stretch and relax. 

  • Yura Molozhav 7 years ago

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  • Yura Trusevich 7 years ago

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  • butchbrittany 7 years ago

    She’s so perfect. <3

  • boyamakitabi2012 7 years ago

    the cate is too cute 🙂

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