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The spinal curvature known as scoliosis tends to cause imbalances in the back and shoulder muscles, but you can use yoga poses to manipulate your shoulders, …




  • YoUrShAdOwW 7 years ago

    thank you very much!.

  • peaceful26ify 7 years ago

    Thanks this will help me 🙂

  • Hasan Newman 7 years ago

    I always used to twist my back like that and pop it BEFORE my ant-lower spinal fusion, But I would not recommend that final twist exercise if you have surgery. But thank you so much for posting this, i’m going to add it to my routine pronto.

  • joanmh45 7 years ago

    Thanks for the demonstrations of yoga poses for scoliosis. I’m going to incorporate them into my yoga routines for osteoporosis.

  • Declan Eliades 7 years ago

    Wow thanks, this really helped 🙂

  • Nika Bailey 7 years ago

    Hi i have scolosis thx for help

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