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Here are some yoga stretches that you can practice on your own bed. This is great for travellers who don’t have a yoga mat with them. These are wonderful str…




  • niz loz 7 years ago

    imma tell my wife to turn into a happy baby tonight.

  • jjvg1973 7 years ago

    Love those sexy feet of yours!

  • Maccastreisfan 7 years ago

    your bedroom could use a little color.

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    This video actually took place in a hotel room in Ottawa.

  • fortinjack77 7 years ago

    You are simply wonderful Lexi.:)
    Your insight and teaching are truly appreciated as well as
    your incredible kindness.:)
    Thank you Lexi.:D

  • Articient An 7 years ago

    Wonderful demo. You”re one of the best demonstrators. Keep it up. 🙂

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    Thank you:)

  • Justin P. Langston 7 years ago

    You’re a fox and I’ll have to try these methods.

  • suminayeoh 7 years ago

    You did it so beautifully 🙂

  • suminayeoh 7 years ago

    Lol. You sir, made my day.

  • kajal sharma 7 years ago

    Dear, yr dressing, video and style is not vulgar as other ppl’s video. Gud, Keep it up.

  • hibaq naser 7 years ago

    this hleped me.

  • boyamakitabi2012 7 years ago

    how often are we supposed to do these strecthing exercises for a full benefit?

  • tigress4960 7 years ago

    This is brilliant and the music is also calming. I think you also have a calm spirit. I will be doing them daily if poss. I already do Yoga twice a week as I get older I must be good with my stretches.

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    Thanks for the comment:)

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