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Yoga Poses For Beginners Sun Salutation Part 1, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga & Massage Part of series on Sun Salutations. This videos shows the correct way to do t…




  • Tony King 7 years ago

    As a bodybuilder you probably take in loads of protein,maybe a lot from meat sources. This can promote stiffness in the joints. If you get more fruit in your diet, it should alleviate some of your stiffness. I know bodybuilders don’t like fruit because they think the fructose will make them fatter, but the potassium in fruit will loosen up your joints. I hope this helps you!

  • moviedude22 7 years ago

    I just don’t…get yoga. but she’s a great teacher, that’s obvious.

  • jdfox1 7 years ago

    Love yoga. 🙂

  • pwnagexing 7 years ago

    Kingjutsi,thanks a lot. I eat fruit a lot, it’s yummy, not sure y I commented but whatever

  • papershoot 7 years ago

    it’s easy to repeat and understand.

  • belshazer 7 years ago

    Im grateful for this, thank you.

  • BITARTEN 7 years ago

    Thanks Yore very kind

  • superfuzz 7 years ago

    damn!! aint no way i can straighten my knees. great upload thanks

  • mikemarin106 7 years ago

    WOW…she’s thorough.  GREAT teaching skills.

  • Robert Small 7 years ago

    She sounds a lot like Ellie Rountree from Rocketboom Tech.

  • TheSweetPerry 7 years ago

    i am loving it 🙂 please show me more yoga poses

  • lovosazul 7 years ago

    Top stuff! Thank you for the sub n post!

  • goobpoop 7 years ago

    I liked Sonja Spray better.

  • marpoq 7 years ago

    how long till this one gets the axe? i say 6 vids maybe 7

  • auggiedoggy 7 years ago

    I thought yoga was easy until an instructor, who was giving a demo class at work, had us go through multiple cycles of these same poses, flowing from one pose to the next. We were beat when we were done and yes, I felt it the next day.

  • robertantonvlogs 7 years ago

    Hi Jen, Thanks.

  • kroikye 7 years ago

    at night its called the moon salutation : 0

  • SuperMsSilver 7 years ago

    Fantastic teaching I had a very wonderful experience following along! I can feel the energy build up and release. This being my first time trying it out and I had such a great day I’d like to try more yoga poses. Do you have any more other then the Sun Salutation?

  • thegreateator 7 years ago


  • snigglesthedestroyer 7 years ago

    i had an energy build up and release over your face

  • jaxiieee 7 years ago

    oh god why does she talk like that

  • DontSpoilMyDinner 7 years ago

    Trying to find video 2 and so on? Really liked your teaching style – thank you.

  • Pharoah7400 7 years ago

    Is this only for women?

  • sexcation 7 years ago

    gees she looked so good just a year ago.

  • Astrochauffeur 7 years ago

    I’ve been suffering from back pain for the last 11 months. Right after waking up, so much tension was already there and it dissipated throughout the day if I remained somewhat physically active. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing the Sun Salutation every morning (and during the day if I needed a quick refreshment) and the back pain is completely gone! So thank you, Jen, for sharing this! I hope to find time to get into Yoga much more than that.

  • rml695 7 years ago

    Absolutely not. 🙂 I practice yoga and absolutely love it.

  • Igor Goryanov 7 years ago

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