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Buying the right yoga mat depends on the type of yoga being practiced. Get information about choosing the best yoga mat with expert tips from a yoga instruct…




  • obesejim 7 years ago

    Can I obtain your puntang? 🙂

  • yankonthis 7 years ago

    in my life time i have bought only 1 mat .that mat was full of chemicals .can you suggest a mat that is not full of chemicals

  • PrettyPrincess2614 7 years ago

    WTF does that mean?!

  • obesejim 7 years ago

    Puntang = Pussy in French 😉

  • PrettyPrincess2614 7 years ago

    Okay, nevermind >.<

  • ritad426 7 years ago

    No, that’s not french.

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