Added by on August 6, 2013 discovers another way to practice yoga – using a wall!




  • Faiz Zephyr 7 years ago

    1st viewer ,,,, 1st comment !!! :D

  • Jack Daniels 7 years ago


  • Drbolla345 7 years ago

    She looks like shes a freak. I bet she has sex upside down too.

  • David Gowers 7 years ago

    could be good eating

  • Sam Zurick 7 years ago

    An actual STARGATE/PORTAL-THING was caught on film in New Mexico. The footage can be found within the short-film entitled “SUDDEN PORTHOLE”, which is parked at the PROJECT CAMELOT YouTube page (it’s under the George Noory video).

    I’m not selling anything…I’m just trying to spread the word about the unseen-dimensions we find ourselves embedded in.

    My BLOG contains peripheral data regarding the movie and is where I reply to the “debunkers” (use search words “SAM ZURICK” & “BLOG”). THANKS!!

  • jlandles 7 years ago

    Great video. It’s a shame this instructor hasn’t made more instructional videos. She’s very easy to listen to, and very informative.

  • vlad1g 7 years ago

    some people may find this book useful. check it out. just google: yoga-on-the-wall-manual and austin texas

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