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I am currently practicing a new Yoga Nidra with the absolutely amazing guitarist, Michael Waters ( We hope to release a 70 minute album in…




  • musicalvoice1 7 years ago

    Thanks for this! I especially like the meditation, without the chat. Is it available here?

  • louisj125 7 years ago


  • Ronald122st 7 years ago

    Wow great video ,it knocked me out lol ! The deep relaxing voice enters you soul an just put you to rest ,it so cool how meditation can help you 🙂

  • Julie Howard 7 years ago

    I did not want to come back . it relived my grief. Thank you

  • oreosis 7 years ago

    @lberettal Sadly she doesn’t in this vid

  • Yottabee 7 years ago

    A generous slice of heaven! Thank you..

  • lhj276 7 years ago

    Could I ever get an mp3 of this?  I would totally pay for it. This is amazing!

  • TheYodadrunk 7 years ago

    may be if u stopped talking it would have worked…

    btw you accent is DUMB… wasted my time

  • iPopoz 7 years ago

    woow 10 min and i fell asleep

  • coltenpinder 7 years ago

    Love this. Always fast asleep before it gets half way.

  • beautybabebuzz 7 years ago

    omg i wasnt even doing it properly and i still fell asleep. only thing is woke up at the end, and it was night time and i wanted to sleep through. cant wait to try again and do it properly next time. thank you so much, feel very refreshed 🙂

  • Amy Erickson 7 years ago

    Found the chanting over the nidra very busy and caused agitation and my mind had to work to hear your voice over the chanting.

  • nunelu0 7 years ago

    Thank you. Your video helps me to get asleep in the bad times. 

  • Kc English 7 years ago

    singing asses are here – let`s meditate

  • tzutzuschmutzu 7 years ago

    awesome video!

  • Misha Gidosh 7 years ago

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