Added by on August 6, 2013

Namaste! Watch Miss Richfield 1981 do downward dog position as she explores the possibilities of yoga.




  • tvfan3009 7 years ago

    That guy in pajamas was hot lol

  • djclintonk 7 years ago

    Ha! too funny…

  • Quenten Schumacher 7 years ago

    Love Miss Richfield!

  • Angelo D 7 years ago

    Love it, Miss Richfield! When are you coming to CT???

  • Bill Sanderson 7 years ago

    MRF love your darling but this format is not the best for you in your Yoga video.. hmmm The comment and look done that seen that.. keep the videos coming.. but format and editing needs so working out oxoxoxoxo.

  • MrAudienceMember 7 years ago

    Had to watch it twice for the lulz!

  • Tyler Cole 7 years ago

    Very good job. Funny, well paced, but not too offensive. Funny when you make fun of yourself.

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