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Viparita Karini.Yoga poses and yoga postures demonstrated with heart by Valerie Goodman, a yoga teacher. Our goal is to offer free videos on yoga and the yog…




  • gregval1111 7 years ago

    really liked this video –

  • waltczak 7 years ago

    The wall works well with the floor for the Yogi- I crunch in that position w/ wonderful results- there are so many postures that can be explored w/ the wall…W

  • WayToHealthLife 7 years ago

    Nice video! You make very good videos!

  • Mona Therese Winston 7 years ago

    Love this asana, do it everyday 🙂

  • ToKeepLife 7 years ago

    Very nice !

  • natalieilayon 7 years ago

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