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In this video from the Yoga Journal To Go podcast series, Jason Crandell guides you through a strong sequence of hip-opening lunges and standing poses design…




  • Nathan Lee Bush 7 years ago

    loved it.. got a lot of new insight into these poses and the foundations of yoga.

  • Shaya Jamshidi 7 years ago

    I love yoga with Jason Crandell. It’s real yoga, relaxing and meaningful. It’s not a show off of muscles and power as many other videos are.

  • Frank Fxaxrx 7 years ago

    Jason, This sequence is performed and executed very well. Enough explanation without overdoing it. Some videos just seem to overdo it without enough instruction or the instruction is merely mentioned very quickly.

  • maya strauss 7 years ago

    This is so good, thank you very nuch this is real yoga, and right movements, not too fast, thank you, Namaste

  • Vova Tolkanov 7 years ago

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