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Stretching your quad muscles is a great way to relax and relieve your body of stress. Learn a useful quad stretch that you can perform against the wall from …




  • smallbuttfirm 7 years ago

    Is there a sequence to the hip opening poses that I can use? Thanks.

  • wbrimley 7 years ago

    I just played a tennis match tonight and my quads were so tight that I couldn’t sleep. This just saved me. Thank you!

  • JohnnyScottish 7 years ago

    This was the perfect stretch for me today after a 16 mile run race. Simple but effective.

  • kamikaze413 7 years ago

    Holy crap, those are some hairy armpits.

  • Apollyon511 7 years ago


  • lllsandylll 7 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to share this pose. Needing quad stretches. I like the blanket on the floor – protect my knees.

  • Scott Maher 7 years ago

    For me, a 30 yr old man in Australia this is hard, but i thank you for introducing me to this as i will try everyday to get my knee closer to the wall …

  • Squabbles10 7 years ago

    Please write back bitch !!!

  • galactosis 7 years ago

    you are great 🙂 thanks

  • GangreneVagina 7 years ago

    You’re right, dude. If her armpits are that hairy, just imagine how thoroughly out-of-control her pussy hair must be!

  • Scott Maher 7 years ago

    We would still munch it like there is no tomorrow !!!

  • footballis4ever 7 years ago

    Look at all these pervs.. Smh..

  • virindi1 7 years ago

    omg. look how hair her arm pits are!!! hahahah.
    ty for the stretch advice though, good quad isolation stretch.

  • love4ixoye 7 years ago

    This stretch has my legs feeling brand new… but if you dont wana shave yo armpits you need to wear a t-shirt… lookin lik an ol’ tree sitter.. thanx tho.

  • TheSauron21 7 years ago

    Is it just me but I feel this in my hip flexor and not in my quad.

  • Bob Owen 7 years ago

    Stop looking at her armpits and be thankful she is sharing her experience with us

  • ZanderTHV 7 years ago

    kind of off putting for me, but at least theres no close ups.

  • kbergen24 7 years ago

    one of your quad muscles(rectus femoris) is a hip flexor. so yes it stretches both your quad and hip flexor. C’mon man….

  • synthesizer 7 years ago

    wow this felt great. thanks for the tip! i like the hairy pits!

  • FlyAboveTheHat3rs 7 years ago

    @1:42 Hairy pits wtf???????

  • Troy Martin 7 years ago

    My goodness that was hard work! It, however, was exactly what I needed. I’ve been looking for a yoga move to help release my hip flexors and now I have found my holy grail. Thanks for that and thanks for these helpful low options. Most yoga tutorials on this site seem to assume we’re all made of rubber.

  • Keya L. 7 years ago

    this was very very hard work! and look at her pits..appreciate her guts. i’m a female too

  • ethiopianchicken2002 7 years ago

    Good tip, but you might want to consider shaving your pits.

  • alexiah krieger 7 years ago

    she needs to SHAVE!!!!

  • serenityextremity 7 years ago

    Wait…she has hairy pits?! I was too busy absorbing all of the info and looking at everything else to notice, haha!

  • irish king 7 years ago

    get rid of these prego ads !!!!

  • Linuz Bengtsson 7 years ago

    Lol “she needs to shave”. That is perhaps the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen anyone comment on the internet. It’s fucking NATURE that make women have hair in their armpit. Deal with it or get the hell out of here. On a side note, I actually find it respectable of women not shaving as the mainstream media constantly puts pressure on them. My women shall have hair where nature decided her to have it.

    Sad virgins, maybe you should reconsider your women views if don’t want to die alone.

  • jpmuthafuka 7 years ago

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww fucking disgusting armpit hair… I’m repulsed

  • damndoggy 7 years ago

    she’s frickin gorgeous. you people are fools.

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