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  • Luiz Cláudio Barcellos Guzella 7 years ago

    Excellent practice!!! Namaste!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • hanaippon 7 years ago

    Thank You!!!

  • Marilyn Mears 7 years ago

    I was in so much pain the first time I googled “yoga neck and shoulder pain” that when this video came up, I truly had no intention of doing it; I just wanted to see what it was. I can’t afford to go to yoga at a studio, so I have to wing it with what I’ve already learned. Anyway I’d been in excruciating pain for days (again) with this crap I always get.

    I accidentally did the whole video.

    1st hour the pain decreased and I wrote it off to endorphins. Hour by hour by hour: and I was pain free.

  • dxnprasad1 7 years ago

    Excellent Information! Thanks to Teachers for Guding People!
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  • Tinker Bell 7 years ago

    What a beautiful class, thanks so much! My neck and shoulders feel so free now. Namaste! x

  • trollintrollify 7 years ago

    that was a wonderful practise Mike, thank you!!! Namaste

  • Sue Sabijan 7 years ago

    Many thanks!

  • Carmina Escobar 7 years ago

    Great Youtube Class. One that you can do often. Clear, very accessible and with no extra comments that make it hard to replay the session. THANK YOU!

  • SL Solarz 7 years ago

    Really good instruction. Clear, calm voice.  I would add sundial to this routine. Otherwise, fantastic.

  • Md Jony 7 years ago

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  • nilibz 7 years ago

    thank you so very much

  • Heather Angel 7 years ago

    Thanks my neck feels much better

  • peskysushi 7 years ago

    I do most of these asanas regularly, and am surprised that my neck pain and recent bout of bursitis (racket ball injury) have not subsided more. I should mention that halasana may actually cause a compresion injury to the cervicle vertebrae according to my physica therapist, and I would not recommend this asana if you are expriencing neck pain. Better to go to physical therapy, rather than risk greater injury. I learned this the hard way in an ashtanga class, and my neck has never recovered.

  • Abluezul 7 years ago

    Awesome! :D

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