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  • dark0harlequin 7 years ago

    Thanks again for the great class!

  • Odomtology 12-Step Recovery Media 7 years ago

    This is my favorite one 🙂

  • Kitsune G 7 years ago

    Very nice. 🙂 Rejuvenating and relaxing.

  • countdumas 7 years ago

    Alexandre Dumas pere wrote over 400 historical novels exposing world tyranny(Roman Catholic Empire). He was born near Paris in 1802 and coincidentally in 1902 The Society of Gesu(Jesuits) were expelled from France for the third and last time. The Society of Jesus(Jesuits) have been expelled from 83 countries, city states and counties and their pope is ARAMIS AND HE IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO(GENERAL OF THE JESUITS).

  • countdumas 7 years ago

    Michael Scott is the author of the Nicolas Flamel series(The Alchemyst The Magician The Sorceress The Necromancer The Warlock The Enchantress).

  • countdumas 7 years ago

    Michael Tsarion is the most comprehensive conspiracy researcher/lecturer/author. Dr. Bill Deagle, Manda Scott, Alan Watt, Leo Zagami and Jordan Maxwell are highly informative as well.

  • countdumas 7 years ago

    “The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.”—- Mark Twain

  • countdumas 7 years ago

    “Learning does not make one learned: there are those who have knowledge and those who have understanding. The first requires memory, the second philosophy._— Alexandre Dumas pere

  • maya strauss 7 years ago

    thank you again, you are absolutely wonderfull teacher of yoga, you are making vinyasa allways fantastik, I dont know how, you must be very well experienced, and sensitive teacher, it is rare, the gift that you have, thank you, Namaste.

  • ohscrewthename 7 years ago

    I love Sarah and her voice. <3 Keep this video up here forever!

  • docswomn 7 years ago

    I have fibro and have had 3 reconstruction surgeries of my hips, I was told yoga would help me I took a conventional class and was uncomfortable because I could hardly do any of it. I also ended up in urgent care because my neck and back seized .I didn’t want to go back to the class. I found your video. I’ve been doing it at my own pace for two weeks and today I was able to do almost everything exactly as you do! I have felt more energy and less pain. Thank you

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