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  • Simon Goodson 7 years ago

    I extremely like your of breath leading. The poses really bases on the breathing and some of the videos I have seen is confusing me especially when I breath within the poses. Yours is amazing and you do a great job of helping me breath smoothly during the process.

  • evax36 7 years ago

    This is an amazing yoga practise! Relaxes you and calms your mind. Her instructions are excellent and to the point!

  • Soumi Banerjee 7 years ago

    It’s so awesome….. After my accident, I never could manage to do Surya namaskara without break… and this tutorial definitely helping me on that.. Thanks, Thanks a lot… 🙂

  • thisisnotjames0010 7 years ago

    wow this one was really good.  it put me in another state of mind. i feel like you really took care of us, and i was patient with you and it really payed off. great teaching (not sure if that’s what you call it but i hope you know what i mean)

  • thisisnotjames0010 7 years ago

    i feel so much more open to exploring so many different things after trying this relaxation yoga. maybe i wasn’t fully aware of how much i needed it

  • bikashgupta96 7 years ago

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  • unaraggiona vera 7 years ago

    This is a wonderful routine. Lovely pace and just the right balance of poses, breathing and meditation. I enjoyed it, thank you.

  • Mimihp94 7 years ago

    Before I try this can anyone tell me how hard this is and how fit you need to be to do it?

  • secretliciouz 7 years ago

    the narrator in the beginning has such a calming voice.

  • Carolyn May 7 years ago

    this was amazing,  the perfect arrange of poses and breathing exercises

  • BodhisattvaChris 7 years ago

    For STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂

  • nadia kolia 7 years ago

    Thank you – this was really relaxing and just perfect – relieved me of a sore back – from `nadia in South Africa

  • reuization 7 years ago

    Namaste, and thank you for sharing your flow, a comfortable pace even for beginners.

  • MsCatworshipper 7 years ago

    I so agree with Liver Pool, i’m weaning off of Citalopram and this helps so much! Yoga+Meditation=Beauty and Peace

    ~Namaste and i want to wish everyone on here joy and happiness in their lives<3

  • francoise bourlhonne 7 years ago

    en francais

  • msourada 7 years ago

    I cannot comment on the video directly (since I have yet to see it, as soon as I have the time), but I’ve been doing hathayoga in the past a little bit and from my experience the “level” varies a lot between various people. When I started there were things that were easy for me and very hard for others (eg. plow position), things that were hard but doable (sitting in lotus took me several months to be able *and* comfortable), and some next to impossible for me and easy for others (locust).

  • lifemedis13 7 years ago

    I love yoga, but this was boring. The voice tone was to monotone.

  • jitender Kumar 7 years ago

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  • antin ayu 7 years ago

    Yoga is good I like yogo

  • Wei Won 7 years ago

    Loved this video it made me feel very calm/relaxed after running.

  • veenessaj 7 years ago

    Just for stretching, not an actual workout…great though

  • Jessica Prado 7 years ago

    loved this so much.. thank you

  • Jittra Wongsuppakarn 7 years ago

    My name is jittra. I want thanks you very much to you because you teach yoga. To me on YouTube. I am practice yoga everyday. I live in Thailand

  • Yoga & Soft Music ~ YogaYak 7 years ago

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  • Jittra Wongsuppakarn 7 years ago

    You teach yoga very good.i am practice yoga two.month i am sorry i can speek English littlebit

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  • TheLuqmanvi 7 years ago

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  • Marco Kittel 7 years ago

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  • DamianTheFarmer 7 years ago

    lol persian accent

  • loknath kumar 7 years ago

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  • Artur Buchov 7 years ago

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  • Phoebe Vernier Cáceres 7 years ago

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  • MsCatworshipper 7 years ago

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  • Taras Selich 7 years ago

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  • otherwiseinsane 7 years ago

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  • Rafael Ramirez 7 years ago

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  • Anne Richter 7 years ago

    Very nice flow but really needs some gentle music

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  • Ivan Dovgiy 7 years ago

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  • Antonio Appella 7 years ago

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