Added by on August 6, 2013 This is Yoga for weight loss part 4. Esther focusses on thighs and butt. A great exercise for anyone and particular if you want to …




  • Jennifer West 7 years ago

    hi, thanks a ton, this weight loss series is excellent has helped me tremendously, jus wana know can this weight loss series be done in pregnancy?????

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    I would suggest you do my ‘pregnancy yoga’ unless you’re well familiar with yoga.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    The first 2 DVD’s are for sale on my website yogatic ‘dot’ com

  • Linnea Nordin 7 years ago

    Hi! I have a question 🙂
    How many times should you repeat this routine a day?

  • okladyfriends 7 years ago

    you feel it right away! Its encouraging because you really feel like you are getting fit instead of just mindlessly working out. Thank you for these videos!

  • MrCraigified 7 years ago

    I really enjoyed this sequence. It was definitely challenging, and got me sweating. Thank you for sharing your gift of yoga with others for free, to me, that’s what yoga is all about.


  • aween0 7 years ago

    thank you so much esther, this helped me alot even it’s my 1st day but my body feels great, it’s not just a weightloss exercise but also very relaxing , wish you the best..thank you

  • Yara Eid 7 years ago

    hello , i have a question, should i do all 4 parts together every time or what do you recommend.

    I want to thank you, these videos
    r great and ur calm approach makes it a delight.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    Once is good, you can do it twice morning and evening, would be great too.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    You don’t have to do the 4 parts together every time. You can sometimes do only one part or 2, make sure you do them all regular;y to get to all the area’s.

  • Yara Eid 7 years ago

    ok, thank you for the reply. I have another question, can I do these exercises while am on my period?

  • Aimeiliify 7 years ago

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  • Khin Z.W. Pyae 7 years ago

    i didnt read the comments at first, so i was doing all 4 parts (weight loss) and 5 parts (for beginners) every time. just now that i read, i was wondering if there is any risk or am i over doing yoga? weight loss part 1-3 was manageable even thou part 4 for thighs makes me feel like im dying. but i feel really happy after every yoga!

  • scratchaboobear 7 years ago

    I have a question. Is it ok if I only do parts 1-3 for awhile? I am a beginner and I don’t want to push it, besides Im not all that flexible, yet.

  • deenababyblack 7 years ago

    Hi Esther. I love the WEIGHT LOSS series, thanks.
    I suffered some pain from the leg lift excercise at 02:00. I knew as soon as I did it that it didn’t feel right & it still hurts the next day. I had no flexibility to bring my legs forward and the pain was along the outside muscles in my butt (and a little down the outside of my legs). I was wondering if this was Sciatica (I tried those sequences but they didn’t seem to help that area)? Or if you could think of what I was doing wrong?

  • deenababyblack 7 years ago

    Hi Esther, to follow on from my last comment I found that if I do the lift with the knee completely bent there is no pain & I can feel the strengthening in my thigh. I don’t know if this is safe to do or not, but maybe can help explain my problem with straight leg method. Thank you so much.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    Doing it with the knee bend is perfect! Your body always knows best, if it feels good it usually is.. Trust your own body to tell you. 🙂

  • Wullop Khin 7 years ago

    Happy New Year. Your video is really helpful. You inspire people around the world to be happy, healthy (& may be wealthy, at least after practising Yoga in life). Thank, thank & many thanks.

  • UcfCheerChic 7 years ago

    Your great! Can you do a part 5 that focus’s on chest or arms? 😀

  • bhagyamohansai 7 years ago

    Esther ur awesome teacher ur calm n collective….. hi fi

  • mandachaos15 7 years ago

    I just did all 4 parts and I have to say that I can feel it all over! I love your videos. They are very inspiring too. Thank you for putting this out for everyone 🙂

  • pbrchick763 7 years ago

    These videos are great and really working! As I feel myself getting stronger I know I can try perfecting my form more which makes it just as challenging each time! Thank you Ester!

  • knnagel 7 years ago

    Do you do anything besides yoga for exercise?

  • Musicianpianoman 7 years ago

    Great videos!! But I have a question, how long does it take to see the profit if I do this every day? Greetings from Mexico!

  • Lena Majić 7 years ago

    Hi Esther. I have just stumbled upon your videos and they are great. Thank you for doing these video lessons. I really want to try this and finally lose some weight and also feel better about myself

  • ayayagirl 7 years ago

    I tried this part three times. I feel my leg became thinner. Is this my wrong guess?
    Can I get slim body and leg if I keep this yoga?

  • Sunnysuite 7 years ago

    I can’t find part 1 of this video)))) Can somebody post here the link? Thanks a lot.

  • viraj buddika 7 years ago

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  • viraj buddika 7 years ago

    Fat Combust Factors (do a google search) kept on appearing here on different Youtube videos and I thought they were scam. However after my mate follow it, and lose alot of unwanted fats, Im convinced. Dont take my word for it, look for Fat Combust Factors on google(:

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    Hi if you go to my channel, and look at the playlists they are on the right, you will find the weight loss playlist there you can find them all. I can’t leave a link here on youtube 🙂

  • Sejan Mahmud 7 years ago

    Hi, have you seen Mimmu Fat Blast? (Google it). They have fat burning tips for every body type.

  • pushpa shrestha 7 years ago

    Hi, have you seen the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My dad told me it helps people shed fat.

  • Lan Nguyen 7 years ago

    this is a great sequence. Thank you so much!
    Just a small comment, I think it will be great if you emphasize more on the fact that when one lifts the leg, it’s important to rotate the upper inner thigh to the back, for better alignment as well as effectiveness of toning the leg.
    Again, thank you for your wonderful videos and your admirable generosity!

  • munchie323 7 years ago

    This was a challenge for me – guess I need to practice it more!

  • SnowSkadi 7 years ago

    Your explanations were very detailed and helped me to keep doing the poses in the right way. Thank you so much for sharing this with us : )

  • SnowSkadi 7 years ago

    I’ve been doing this for 5 days, and already see my legs shaping up!

  • cutekitty182000 7 years ago

    I love your videos…..absolutely amazing…..i am doing it from quite some time. I got to know that we can do yoga flow for like an hour, if not, then what’s the max time period for doing it.?? and what all asanas / yoga flow can i perform during menstruation ?? Thanx in advance and keep those videos coming

  • TheJanny84 7 years ago

    i lost my weight…i wasnt overweight just wanna to loss a few kilos and now i practice even harder yoga poses and have a strenght to do it…so thnx esther 🙂

  • andidimalanta 7 years ago

    your weight loss series is fantastic!! lost 17 pounds in 5weeks. thank you 🙂 can you post some videos on how to strengthen arms to prepare for arm balance poses? thank you!

  • Mee Salehi 7 years ago

    I would love for you to do a a video on arm exercises as well. I have been trying your weightloss videos for a couple of weeks now, and I am loving it. I feel so much stronger every time I finish a workout. Thankyou so much Esther 🙂 From Australia

  • Megan Brodsky 7 years ago

    Loved your vid! I know a very cool program to lose weight which helped me to lose 75+ pounds,
    I cant post the link here but is in the description of my profile

    Now I’m looking for a good exercise program 🙂 time to to get ripped 🙂

  • Randy Cawley 7 years ago

    Is good you are sharing this tips with everyone, I know how hard can be to be in overweight, I lost too much weight with a pretty cool method, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile you can see the link on my profile’s description
    Now I’m looking for a good routine of exercise 🙂

  • Bianca Mercurelli 7 years ago

    AMAZING! I did the whole sequence and I fell great!!!!

  • Rain Chua 7 years ago

    You’re doing God’s work, Esther! Thank you! 🙂

  • 1971sneki 7 years ago

    HI!!Im not very good at English so I will just ask for weigh loss which part you are suggestion.,how long need to last Yoga…and is it anywhere you can buy your Dvd.Thanks..Sneki..

  • Bernadine Francis 7 years ago

    Hi Ester, im finding the right side a lot more difficult than the left, is this normal?

  • Sari Carrick 7 years ago

    I love these videos! Would be very interested in a follow-up series:) Thanks, Esther!!

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