Added by on August 6, 2013 Esther shows us in Yoga for weight loss part 2 some lunge salutations and incorporates some yoga standing poses into it. This free …




  • 0203006 7 years ago

    I found part1 so it’s okay thanks again :)

  • B5D729 7 years ago

    wer’d u find it?

  • sandrathekiller 7 years ago

    amazing helpful and relieving ,,thanks a lot

  • sandrathekiller 7 years ago

    amazing helpful and relieving ,,thanks a lot

  • sandrathekiller 7 years ago

    Amazing , helpful , and relieving ,,, thanks a lot

  • vja1970 7 years ago

    is this meant for beginners? I imagine overweight people wud have a LOT of trouble “swan diving” to their knees let alone touching the floor!!

  • Eljona Kosta 7 years ago


  • 0203006 7 years ago

    find what?

  • homoelle6 7 years ago

    I’m a female who has been battling a heart condition and lupus. over the past 4 years I have lost 130 pounds and then due to all the steroids and stress gained 45 back. I am determined to find ways through exercise and diet to deal with my joint stiffness, pain, and stress as well as loosing the 55 to get to my goal weight. So far I’ve watched ur first 3 videos to learn the basics and they have been incredibly helpful. Even my 5 yr old & 2 yr old have been able to follow along:))

  • len hirang 7 years ago

    hi esther, i love your videos, and i admire how you can do a bend with straight back and straight legs. can you give me tips on how i can do bending forward with straight legs without bending my lower back? thanks

  • PLAYitLOUD78 7 years ago

    Just tried all your beginners Yoga vids and love them. Thank you.

  • ILLUMI NATI 7 years ago

    finally a yoga teacher who isnt a stripper lol

  • princessaeoifa 7 years ago

    Great thing about this is that it makes you sweat, but it won’t make you that exhausted. Take that from a beginner. 🙂

  • babelbabe9 7 years ago

    hey can i perform this before going to bed?as i done have time otherwise

  • lyba20 7 years ago

    i love ur videos i feel calm and relaxed i feel skinny already i cried because i know how much i wanna lose weight and you helped me thank you sooo much x 🙂

  • lyba20 7 years ago

    yes you can u can perform yoga wenever u feel like it its really calming and relaxin i guess before goiing to bed it kinda cleanses ur mind 🙂

  • Eberhard Keller 7 years ago

    Hey, has anybody here utilised Gallactico 324 Diet (google it) , one of my colleagues lost significant amount of fat using Gallactico 324 Diet, however wanted a consumer review before opting for that.

  • nkb1889 7 years ago

    Hi Esther, do you have anything that concentrates on your love handles + muffin top?

  • Lotus Kitty 7 years ago

    Hi Esther,
    This may sound strange but when I do the lunge flows where you put your left and then right leg backwards to go into a lunge, I feel a sharp pain in my big toe when I bend it and as a result I collapse. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes…

  • iamamessedupperson 7 years ago

    Hi Esther. I am about 20 pounds overweight and am trying to get rid of that. Is healthy eating and yoga enough? Or do I also need to do other exercises?

  • Sunil Kumar Roy 7 years ago

    Hihi, have you wondered about this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (go search google). My buddy says it helps people lose weight faster.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    Healthy eating, eating less and doing yoga is enough! Good luck..

  • ttiffanymariee 7 years ago

    I have tried to follow so many of your videos but they are all so fast 🙁 

  • Jessica Reyes 7 years ago

    you;d be surprised…I know quite a few overweight people (bigger than me) that blow me away with their flexibility and stamina.

  • sookiebonbon 7 years ago

    Love it! It makes me feel wonderful…

  • jdcormier88 7 years ago

    Hey YouTubers, have you heard about Fat Blast Factor? (look for it on google) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat Blast Factor, you will discover how to melt fat quickly.

  • Selena Rios 7 years ago

    What happened to part 1

  • Gosia Siwek 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for everything you do, Esther 😉
    Many good wishes,

  • Lily Barrios 7 years ago

    You should start by doing the begginers videos. Help you to familiarize with these poses, do them for a few days until your muscles gain some stenght, and then do these. My advice is, don’t do these until you don’t do the beginners lessons first. You’ll see the results.

  • ttiffanymariee 7 years ago

    I had, and have been doing yoga for a while. I didn’t mean I couldn’t do them, I just ment her routine was to fast paced from move to move to be relaxing at all. lol

  • Mayen Alcebar 7 years ago

    Hello Esther, firstly I’d to thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of yoga. Also, I would like to ask you at what point do I move to YOGA for wt. loss part 2 (and so on and so forth). I’ve been practicing part 1 for almost a month, about 3-4/week. Thanks.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    you should be fine to try pt 2. But listen to your body, do not push yourself too much

  • Mayen Alcebar 7 years ago

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. And more power to you.

  • Blake Bradley 7 years ago

    @l544jkl I can’t agree with you! The best way to lose weight is to do 5 or 6 small meals a day besides there are many to enjoy all foods and lose weight at the same time in a totally healthy way, a doctor told me that!
    Actually the link to his method is on my profile’s description, I followed his full method and lost tooooo much weight! I’m happy now 🙂

  • Tracy Bigelow 7 years ago

    I loved your vide, thanks for sharing!
    There is a very good tip to weight loss, eat the same amount of calories you are doing now but instead of have them in 3 meals have it in 5,of course if you also reduce the amount of calories you’ll see better result, oh! and remember to drink too much watter.
    I’m following a very good weight loss program right now, if you’d like to know it go to my profile and you’ll see it on the description.

  • MsBeespit 7 years ago

    Hey ben je misschien Nederlands? 🙂

    if not: Thank you so much for these video’s! these are wonderful to do just before work or school to get ready for the day! Really getting me into yoga!

  • Lauren M 7 years ago

    I know this video is about 3 years old now, but I keep going back to it whenever I need a boost, if I have fallen flat in my practice, or when I miss a few days of practicing yoga due to my varying work schedule. I love this sequence!

  • Diane Bertsch 7 years ago

    Thank you I find your voice very relaxing. Q. I have been doing pt. 1 for months now. I try pt. 2 so many times but get discouraged when you say ok let’s bring the right left foot up doesn’t mater
    . I can not do that part which discourages me what can I practice to bring foot up without falling over.

  • kasey wallace 7 years ago

    Hi Esther, i am looking to loose about 40pounds over a few months. i am wondering if this 10min video would be effective for starting off my weight loss journey as well with a balanced diet,


  • yogatic 7 years ago

    Doing yoga on a regular basis along with a balanced, healthy diet will help you loose weight. Make sure you follow the visualisation tips from part 1 too. Good luck.

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