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If you’ve never tried yoga before and have been worried about jumping in, here’s your chance! Sarah leads a gentle and deliberate series of asanas geared tow…




  • Merricat42 7 years ago

    Ah,´╗┐ just what I needed to re-start my practice. Thank you VERY much! ­čśÇ

  • Noah Poah 7 years ago

    I think I may be able to do this now that I have watched this gentle nice way of doing yoga. Thanks´╗┐ for the hope you have given me.

  • Erik Perez 7 years ago

    Wow…does´╗┐ she have a podcast?

  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    I wish i was in her class. she’s so great´╗┐

  • Hayley Tempest 7 years ago

    me too!´╗┐ i can do yoga now!

  • akoitosan 7 years ago

    thank you so much you don┬┤t know how´╗┐ much help you give us

  • Teknocide 7 years ago

    Thank you!´╗┐ ­čÖé


  • osodelicious25 7 years ago

    Best beginner video ever! I have been doing this for´╗┐ 4 days now and feel a significant diffrence already. Thank you

  • Mireille Saade 7 years ago

    thank´╗┐ you this is so great

  • ozal udaya 7 years ago

    Thanj youuuum this is the best yoga video on utube for a new´╗┐ beginner

  • comicfairy 7 years ago

    Excellent verbiage, but the drawback with´╗┐ this video is that you don’t SEE the exercises. All we see is the instructor talking! Occasionally,the camera will pan out to show the two students, but otherwise we just have to guess that we’re doing things correctly as we watch/listen to the seated instructor.

  • mikeldna 7 years ago

    Very nice, congratulations. I like the way you speak – like normal people doing yoga – not like some yoga instructors who speaks with you´╗┐ like you were a retard.

  • celharmony 7 years ago

    Hey! The dog posture gave me a headache after the fifth time of doing it…I think because of the blood pressure but is it normal?? I still have a little´╗┐ headache after the session…Can you tell me if it’s normal? Thank you very much!

  • khodgdo 7 years ago

    It’s normal! Happens to me all the time (and it I get nausea too because of it). What it is, is that your body is not used to having so much blood rush to your brain. ´╗┐ It’s not a bad thing (actually it can increase brain function because it allows more oxygen to the brain) but if it bothers you too much, do what you can. Eventually it won’t bother you. Good luck!

  • TheColesprouse12345 7 years ago

    wow! I´╗┐ enjoy yoga!!

  • Jillian Kurek 7 years ago

    where can I find more´╗┐ videos from Sarah? I love her teaching style.

  • Trowa Barton 7 years ago

    Can I download this´╗┐ video somewhere?

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