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  • ivayanev 7 years ago

    Thanks for this video! I am very stiff in the hips (as so many of us are) and cow pose is extremely difficult for me. But standing on your feet first and then sitting back is really helpful!

  • Sara Leland 7 years ago

    Can you recommend something besides downward dog? This pose really hurts my wrists.

  • Samantha Rainbow 7 years ago

    love love love!

  • Kena Bladel 7 years ago

    will this really make you lose weight?

  • thelittleangie1 7 years ago

    Awesome video!!! Love this series. Pigeon is one of my favourite poses! 😀

  • TheRandom108 7 years ago

    Genghis girl, what kind of warm-up do you recommend in preparation for the exercises in this series?

  • Annette Papa 7 years ago

    Thanks Bex and Yulo, my hips were needing this vid today. I would love to know what poses are helpful for tight Psoas, I know it’s a hip flexor muscle, but it’s higher in our core. Just curious? Love what cha do, thanks for. Everything!

  • Alison DiFilippo 7 years ago

    To Sara Leeland- I’m almost finished with 200 hr yoga teacher training now, and my instructors always tell me that if you have any issues with wrists to make “fist for wrist” in any pose you choose as a modification.

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    Using fists can also be problematic. I’d usually recommend always practicing hasta bandha.

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    Practice hasta bandha by pressing your knuckles and edges of your hand firmly into your mat, creating a lift in the center of your palms… almost like forming a suction cup with your hands. You should also be distributing your weight evenly from front to back. If there’s too much on your hands, shift your weight into your heels.

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    A complete yoga class is designed to include every part of the physical arc, including warmup and cool down. Just start with video #1, and you’re all set!

  • Yulady Saluti 7 years ago

    Annette since the psoas goes from your pelvis to your low back I like to do crescent lunge in both sides then a forward bend for about 10 breaths. Half hero’s pose , lay all the way on your back while in half hero, take coupe breaths there and the leg that is straight draw it into your chest gently keeping your other knee connected to the floor. And then repeat in the other side. Remember to breath and be mindful of your body. Listen to your body if something hurst then back off. 🙂

  • 1Cristina246 7 years ago

    Bomb Ladies!!!!! Omg. Going through a back break up. Really affecting me… hip openers just did me wonders! Thank you beautiful Ladies!!!!
    Cristina from San Francisco!

  • SilkyBling 7 years ago

    these stretches are fantastic! i’m definitely a beginner at yoga, but everyday so far i’ve been practicing ‘pigeon’ pose for a few minutes…i’m a student too, and my hips are so tight! but i’m hoping to release all that tension :)) thanks again

  • Alison DiFilippo 7 years ago

    Cool, thank you. I’ll have to tell my students about that as well.

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