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Get more exercises and a meal planner – Yoga for Lower Back Pain – Do these Yoga Poses to Prevent Back Pain This cat cow yoga pose…




  • Beth Mars 7 years ago

    this is perfect! i have a bad back thanks brad! x x x

  • Hisham Youness 7 years ago

    Thx a lot for that BRAD
    I’ve tried it and it works Great

  • elyanecash1 7 years ago

    I’m going to show this video to my hubby so he and I can try this! Thank you!

  • lesesweet 7 years ago

    I definately need this ~ Thanks!!

  • hkonac4 7 years ago

    Awesome video! Thanks brad! I love doing all of these poses for my back… And yoga in general. 🙂

  • Maxii P 7 years ago

    i was just having issues with my back from a long day in the city and seen you posted up a new video! i’m going to try these right now! thank you!

  • Jasper Wu 7 years ago

    I’ve been doing yoga and here are some tips I have to offer. Try breathing in from your nose and out from your nose again, not your mouth. Also, lighter breathing is preferably instead of the heavier, loud breathing.

  • chuyfromsalas 7 years ago

    Thanks alot that really worked

  • Bill Yancey 7 years ago

    See written advice with illustrations; check out a $2.99 Kindle Book, “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Lower Back.”

  • THOMAS LYMAN 7 years ago

    I study Yoga with a trainer and go to Yoga class. Cat/Camel are good starters, but there are other ‘back stretching’ poses which are effective too. Some poses should not be tried without proper Yoga instruction, but generally everyone can handle Cat/Camel and child’s pose. By the way, you should be breathing in and out of the nose, not the mouth. These breaths should be audible. Breathing is also a good measurement tool. In and out 5 or 10 times of ‘deep’ breaths. Good video!

  • TheAbStand 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this video bradscottfitness and the added tips by Thomas Lyman!

    For those who want to work their abs but have difficulty due to back/neck pain, we encourage you to try us out at theabstand*net

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