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Yoga for better sleep, Part 1 Join Esther for 10 minutes just before you




  • kgawd 3 years ago

    I really pulled my neck muscles doing pull-ups, and as a result both
    jugular veins now show a bit, not distended, just pushed out a bit. It’s
    been a few months, my neck feels fine but the veins still show a bit and
    the muscles are still healing. Any exercises I can do or other tips to
    return veins to original hidden form? Right now I do sauna and ice-water
    baths, some yoga, core, HIIT, and aerobic sports.

  • daydreame622 3 years ago

    Thank you for this lovely video. I enjoy this channel very much. It has
    been a great guidance in my yoga practice. Keep up the good work and I look
    forward towards more videos in the future. :)

  • Aditya Khandekar 3 years ago

    Really enjoy this video, its working for me to get a good sleep. 

  • Steven Zak 3 years ago

    Beautiful routine. Aside from the pain some of it put me in (yes, I have
    some work to do), I thought this was great. Thanks.

  • Ekhart Yoga 3 years ago
  • Peter Holand 3 years ago
  • adelinared1 3 years ago

    Are you from the Netherlands? You have a Dutch accent

  • Viki Malbohan 3 years ago

    … laganica za bolji san~~

  • relationship help 3 years ago

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