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  • IntellectualsNY 7 years ago

    Me neither, her butt and her feet are to blame.

  • Adventuretk 7 years ago

    very good instructor!

  • annonymoususername 7 years ago

    This is the most engaging instructor that psychetruth offers. Please do more videos!!

  • CantWeedThis 7 years ago

    no its not jill is

  • annonymoususername 7 years ago

    Agree to disagree. You’re entitled to your own opinions, and so am I.

  • Jonathan Olson 7 years ago

    heel toe walking out of down dog that comfortably is amazing

  • gloryboundkev 7 years ago

    Turn to Jesus Christ for peace in your life.

  • shizza 7 years ago

    is she real? wow she sounds like a machine.. awesome!

  • enanena 7 years ago

    GREAT GREAT VIDEO! thanks!

  • rendimiento100 7 years ago

    you’d better have breakfast before start talking…

  • jerman885 7 years ago

    I love the tone in which she speaks!

  • Ametrine23 7 years ago

    Wonderful form, thanks for resparking my love for yoga 🙂

  • zvolencan77 7 years ago

    Great practice 😉

  • lollyandnelly 7 years ago

    This is NOT for beginners

  • Javier Sánchez 7 years ago

    Hahaha good video but this is no for beginners indeed.

  • NaturalAmi 7 years ago

    I must agree

  • 765lbsquat 7 years ago

    you have an incredibly beautiful face! Those eyes….keep the videos coming Emily

  • rooleybbq 7 years ago

    She’s so adorable that I almost got interested in yoga for a second.

  • 6ViceroyBandito9 7 years ago

    Oh my golly you as fine as the spring morning sunshine baby.

  • theagrafiotis 7 years ago

    she’s the female machine from terminator 3, she just inflated her booty right before she started recording herself.

  • Phloteck 7 years ago

    It’s Meg from Supernatural T.V. series.

  • pharmacycodes 7 years ago

    im definitely interested in yoga

  • tshaolin971 7 years ago

    Wow, a new exciting yoga instructor from the Hills ?! She a srumptious sweet candy motivatin

  • cphtnj 7 years ago

    nice booty.. face is just secondary..

  • PaniGilmore 7 years ago

    The first pose is quite simply once you’ve learnt the transitions; the second on the other hand, my goodness I didn’t realise how weak I was!!
    Very good tutorial overall!!

  • Asiebeneicher 7 years ago

    This was very helpful Emily. I’ll have to do it right in class now. =)
    Thank you for being such a great instructor for us all!

  • Shadowbirdd 7 years ago

    ty :)

  • intelectualaffluence 7 years ago

    This is great , you move so gracefully , thank you

  • everydayidiealilmore 7 years ago

    1:21…jesus…i need a girl who does yoga…

  • Himal Fernando 7 years ago

    Nicely done and the explanation gives anyone to get started doing Yoga from their own comfort. I’ve started doing Yoga after years so will be watching more on this on YouTube.

  • Makaveli Soldier 7 years ago

    I love her voice

  • Makaveli Soldier 7 years ago

    More Emily McNabb pleeeease! She is the best yoga teacher.

  • Carrie Cx 7 years ago

    I’m 13, and I found this very easy to do

  • Igor Lusikov 7 years ago

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  • Ivan Mamont 7 years ago

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