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This is a series of Beginners Yoga. This posture is called Sun Salutation B. This pose strengthens abdominal muscles.Thoroughly ventilates the lungs, and oxy…




  • Saravanan Saravana 7 years ago

    Hello Teacher, First you learn Properly then teach to others. you are try to Invent new type Yoga…)))))))

  • JugaadAtBest 7 years ago

    devidutta is a better presenter, would love to see him more often

  • caninomcful 7 years ago

    i love yoga XD

  • xB00MSTAR 7 years ago


  • Mark Lelbleck 7 years ago

    Nice 😀

  • Alejandro Nuñez 7 years ago

    excelene, de los mejores del genero.

  • MajorasFlask 7 years ago

    you animals >:D

  • Victor Okach 7 years ago

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