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This is a series of Yoga for Beginners. This posture is called Sun Salutation A. This pose strengthens abdominal muscles.Thoroughly ventilates the lungs, and…




  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    Your yoga video is so impressive.. Thanks : ) 

  • MvM livee 7 years ago

    Yes… I clicked because i wanted to learn yoga moves….

  • wingedscourge 7 years ago

    The camera is focussed way too close. Pull back so I can actually see the alignments.

  • MADO SAPE 7 years ago

    desnudate y ta

  • commsecmile 7 years ago

    Extremely poor videography. This video could better have been filmed from a reasonable distance so as to show full body movement instead of a particular body part in later part of the video.

  • ciiike1 7 years ago

    lucky cameraman

  • Dragonicafan 7 years ago

    people who watch: Men, 45-54, Men, 35-44, Men, 25-34

  • Andreopimentel 7 years ago

    If I was the sun, thats how I’d wanna be salited as well

  • elbenja10xD 7 years ago

    Fap fap fap yoga..

  • dogan94can 7 years ago

    privat lessen?

  • Actros T.I.R. Bosnia 7 years ago

    Me too…!!!

  • AmazingTrollHero 7 years ago

    if all yoga teachers would be like this then all guys would do yoga now 😀

  • Roronoa Zoro 7 years ago

    yeahh sure yoga!!!

  • Abraham Lincoln 7 years ago

    Did you seriously not get his comment?

    Dear GOD I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

  • ScorPoison20 7 years ago

    I get it but i see u dont get my comment, he r here for same reason like me…

  • ScorPoison20 7 years ago

    ok one more smart guy so lets the fuuck explain me his comment big brained guys!

  • king009fication 7 years ago

    udah tua….. nggak nafsu w lliatnya

  • Actros T.I.R. Bosnia 7 years ago

    OMG !!…*-* Best Yoga 4ever !!!

  • umesh bhandari 7 years ago

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  • Nikola Stojcev 7 years ago

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  • jojo bean 7 years ago

    great body!

  • ro11age 7 years ago

    i thank you for ever who ever created these pants

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