Added by on August 6, 2013 You asked for it, and you got it! A yoga class for beginners. This class is a great place to begin if you are just starting Namast…




  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Dear Jae Lyn I’m so glad that this style of teaching is resonating with you. I love teaching, performing, not so much. You are welcome to go back to #1, but you might want to check out the other beginner classes – there are two playlists on my channel Beginner Classes and Beginner Series – these would also be great classes to start with. Keep practicing and stay in touch. Namaste _/_ Melissa

  • cromoa76 7 years ago

    Thank you! Very grateful that you share very nicely all the process, and new follower of your videos. 🙂 Hugs from Los Angeles and Mexico!

  • Raluca Guta 7 years ago

    Hi,I also am a beginner and today I just getting started.I want to ask you,How many times i need to do this video to move to another one?
    Thanks Raluca

  • Fred Lump 7 years ago

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  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Dear Raluca – you may move on whenever you are comfortable moving on. It is totally up to you 🙂 Listen to your body and when you feel confident, go on to the next class- you can check out the playlists of beginner classes and the beginner series as well 🙂 Namaste, Melissa

  • bwooodstar 7 years ago

    namaste blessings n positive energy to u guru

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for sending me positive energy and for your beautiful greeting. The most important guru is the guru within - if I can play any role in helping you connect with your own inner wisdom then I am honoured. Namaste _/_

  • missbritface 7 years ago

    thank you so much for this video it was absolutely wonderful!

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    You are so very welcome! Please help yourself to the other beginner videos and any other yoga videos that interest you on my channel. Look forward to hearing more about your yoga practice. Namaste, Melissa

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    I’m so glad you found the process easy to follow. Thank you for practicing yoga with me. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes. Namaste to you in Los Angeles and Mexico _/_

  • Ziyanda Xaso 7 years ago

    Hi Melissa, I’m a beginner from South Africa. I have always wanted to do yoga but could not afford the classes as they are expensive this side of the world. I am so grateful for your videos! I’ve just gone through this one and I’m also doing the beginner series. After my first time with the beginner series my body felt so open and relaxed! I am so grateful for this, your videos are wonderful!

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Dear Ziyanda, I’m so glad that these classes are available for you online since studio classes can be expensive in some parts of the world. Enjoy the beginner series. Thank you for your kind gratitude. Keep practicing. I look forward to hearing all about it. Namaste, Melissa _/_

  • Freya Marquez 7 years ago


    I live in Florida but am currently in Colombia. I decided to come to the beautiful city of Medellin to find some inner peace. But I felt something was missing, and I’m happy to say I have found it. Thank you for introducing me to this life changing exercise (I know this is more then that, I just can’t find the correct term). I am hurrying to find you on facebook! You’re amazing!

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Dear Freya – I’m so glad that you found some inner peace with your yoga practice. Thanks for following Namaste Yoga on FB. Check out the Wildlife of Florida class if you are feeling homesick for Florida! 🙂 Stay in touch and let me know how your practice is going. Namaste, Melissa _/_

  • Janet Konczal 7 years ago

    I love how at the end you called the fetal position a rebirth. Blown away by that idea 🙂

  • Biraj Dhakal 7 years ago

    I am from nepal.I am suffering from chronic gastritis problem for almost 6 years.what type of meditation will benificial for me .please give me some idea of the yoga practise.I will be very helpful for you
    thank you

  • Asif Tusar 7 years ago

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  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Dear Janet – it is pretty profound, I can’t take credit for it, since it was probably passed down to me from one of my teachers, but I agree with you, I was blown away first time I heard it too 🙂 xo Melissa

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Hello Biraj, this is going to take some research. I am working on a video for crohn’s, colitis, IBS, and gastritis problems, however it is not ready yet. Go to my website and sign up for my newsletter so that you will know when it is released. Thank you. melissawestDOTcom

  • Dario A 7 years ago

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  • Jason Keen 7 years ago

    Hi Melissa I was wondering after doing this video for a while, what video on he would you suggest as the next step? Cheers jason.

  • Jason Keen 7 years ago


  • ConditionallyUsed 7 years ago

    I just tried this, and confirmed that I am not flexible in any sort of the way. Thank you for posting.

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    I’m so proud of you for practicing. Keep practicing and you will get more flexible. You don’t start yoga flexible, you become flexible. Thanks for your yoga. Namaste, Melissa

  • Catherine Moore 7 years ago

    I am new to Yoga, and I love this practice so much that it is difficult to move away from it to try other sequences. But having said that, I am But, finding my way through your beginners series. Namaste.

  • RedVelvetReaper 7 years ago

    Hi Melissa! I’m so glad I found your videos. I’ve taken three Yoga classes in school in the past ( I’m 24 so it’s not a long past ) so since I’m out of school, have a yoga mat taking up space in my closet and no money to spend on more classes your videos have helped me get back into it. I’m not really a noob and can keep up with you pretty well, is there any chance you’ll be posting an intermediate course in the future? Namaste!

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Hi Catherine, isn’t it great when we find a favourite that we can come back to? It is like a favourite sweat-shirt that we always be comfortable when we’re cold. I look forward to hearing your comments on the beginner’s series. You give such great feedback. Namaste, Melissa

  • Karen Martin 7 years ago

    I had total hip replacement 4 years ago and had hesitated doing yoga until today. Episode 101 was the perfect one for me to test the boundaries of my hip flexibility. I’m anxious to tune in to the others now. Thank you.

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    I am so happy to hear that this class worked for you within the limitations of your hip replacement and flexibility Karen. Thanks for letting me know about your success. I look forward to hearing about your experience with the other classes too Karen. Namaste, Melissa

  • Vova Latratov 7 years ago

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  • val hayes 7 years ago

    It hurts I never did this

  • ChibiKitsuneWarrior 7 years ago

    I’ve been interested in trying yoga for a while, but as the past couple years of my life have been quite hectic, I haven’t had the time or money to be able to take yoga classes. I was super excited when I found your video series and having now completed my first ever yoga lesson, I can definitely say that my body feels much more relaxed and some of the aches that I’ve been suffering from seem to have been worked out. Thank you so much for this series and I’m looking forward to more yoga!

  • SriHarsha Chekuri 7 years ago

    Hi Melissa, This is Sri from New Jersey. I am trying to do online yoga classes since 2 weeks and your training videos look organized. I started the beginner series. How many times do you suggest we do each episode in general ?

    Thanks for videos.

  • Ashlyn Leighton 7 years ago

    I’m 15 and this is wonderful.

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Fantastic Ashlyn! I’m so happy to hear this yoga practice worked for you. Wish I had started yoga at 15 🙂 Keep up your yoga practice and let me know how it goes! Namaste, Melissa

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Hi SriHarsha, Thank you for your yoga. I’m proud of your commitment to your yoga over the last two weeks. You may move on to the next episode whenever you feel confident 🙂 Namaste, Melissa

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    I’m so glad you’ve found a way to incorporate yoga into your life. Yay you for completing your first ever yoga class! 🙂 That’s fantastic that you feel more relaxed and you’ve already worked out some of your aches! 🙂 I look forward to hearing more about your yoga practice as you go! Stay in touch. Namaste, Melissa

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Tell me more about how it hurts. I’ve never had this kind of feedback before Val.

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    I’m so glad you’ve found the videos as well! 🙂 That’s fantastic that these videos have allowed you to get back into yoga. I have just under 200 videos on my channel right now. If the level is not marked then they are usually an intermediate class. So yes, there are tones of intermediate classes on the channel - help yourself! 🙂 Namaste, Melissa

  • Paul Sori 7 years ago

    I have attempted yoga in the past but couldn’t get into it. I am looking for a relaxing Asian technique and decided to try yoga one more time. I came across your beginner video and I appreciate the comments you made because they gave me training I had not had before and you understood how I had felt about some of the poses! I am going to try to do more yoga but I am wondering if you have any other beginner tutorials . I saw a couple of

  • Paul Sori 7 years ago

    Apparently I need a tutorial on how to leave a comment! If you have any other beginner videos that would be good for a true beginner would you please let me know what they are?
    Thank you,

  • Kylie Smiley 7 years ago

    I want to start doing yoga, but how do i know the order of the episodes? like which video to do next.

  • Melissa West 7 years ago

    Hi Paul, I’m so happy to hear you decided to give yoga one more try! 🙂 Yes, we have several yoga classes available on this channel. Check out the playlists called yoga for beginners and beginners series on my channel. 🙂 Let me know how it goes 🙂 Namaste, Melissa

  • David Jordan Saron 7 years ago

    Hi im from the philippines and this is very helpful im still starting to stretch my hamstrings your videos are very helpful! And i really wanted to thank you! 🙂

  • Richard Koons 7 years ago

    Hi Dr. Melissa West, I have been doing my own yoga throughout my entire youth (not intentionally) and today you helped me release my spirit. Some of the other videos are too fast and I started out with one of your other videos and I love your long stretches. Thank you so much for releasing me. Thank you. Namaste, Richard.

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