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Check put some techniques for Chaturanga Dandasana for all levels. This is one of the hardest postures in the Ashtanga Yoga method for beginners. Go slowly a…




  • NarrowYetWide 7 years ago

    Hi Kino! You’rs a fantastic yoga inspiration!
    Would you say that anyone with the right amount of daily dedication and practice can achieve results like those you show in your advanced videos? Or does one need to be the flexible type? Were you more of a flexible type person when starting out? If through practice anyone can achieve these results, how long of a daily practice would be sufficient?

  • rotary980 7 years ago

    She’s the yoga master 🙂

  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    Interesting pose Kino, Thanks : ) xo

  • 1faros 7 years ago

    You are hyperextending your elbows putting all your forward weight into the elbow joint. This will eventually cause elbow problems. As a teacher myself, I see tons of women hyperextending their elbows. The rest of the instruction was excellent, but watch those elbows!

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Thank you for noticing that, I am going to do a video talking about hyper-extension because unless you have that possibility yourself it is really hard to explain, feel and see. I know that my elbows can hyper-extend but in the video I am using a different way of working with the arms that addresses that issue from an energetic standpoint. My elbows can actually “really” hyper-extend dramatically more than it seems they do in this video so it will be good to show the technique.

  • Kristabirdable 7 years ago

    Kino, I find that getting from Chaturanga to Upward Facing without touching the floor is actually the hardest part of the Sun Salutation (besides floating ofcourse). Is this normal or is there a special technique that could perhaps help? If you could do a video on that, it would be wonderful and much appreciated. Namaste.

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    You’re right that the transition between Chaturanga and Updog is challenging. Be sure that you have a good Chaturanga and a solid Updog. That’s the first step. You need to have a flexible spine and strong upper body and core to fluidly move through that transition. And yes, I will definitely add that to the list for the next filming I do 🙂

  • gatatica1 7 years ago

    Kino, I found your channel today and I am very glad. I used to go to Yoga lessons 2 years ago. I stopped because I couldn’t afforded any longer. I bought myself some good books. I started today , I am going to stick to it this time. I am glad to see that you have done some videos for beginners, keep doing this please. I really appreciated it. God Bless you!

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Thanks! Keep watching and practicing 🙂

  • tronoscar2 7 years ago

    Kino, i have seen your previous video on how to float in the sun salutations, and the idea really intrigues me and i would love to learn to do it! Would you consider making an updated version of the video, if you have any other tips? God bless you .. your videos are so helpful, thanks!!

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Yes, for sure! Stay tuned 🙂

  • tronoscar2 7 years ago

    Great, cant wait!

  • grace chang 7 years ago

    Hi Kino, thanks for the great tips. I been noticing I develop some shoulder ache lately from my practice and I suspect is my alignment in chaturanga. One question I have though is how to align your shoulder while you are in plank so your shoulder will not drop forward while coming into chaturanga?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Protract and push your shoulder forward while engaging the deltoids, latissiums dorsi and the whole shoulder girdle.

  • Emir Rime 7 years ago

    Thank you so much Kino. I really appreciate this video. It helped me allot. Plus I love how you explain the details of each posture. I’ve been looking at a few videos and your the only yoga teacher that I truly understand. I hope your inspired to post more beginner videos. Keep well.

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Hope these pointers are helpful. 

  • watermind 7 years ago

    I usually see this pose done with the hands further down the body, rather than under the shoulders, do create a 90 degree angle.

    The way it was presented here, was it to make it simpler (as it doesn’t need the shift in the body when lowering)? Or is this form recommended for some reason?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    This is recommended for the beginners, once you get stronger you can try for a 90 degree angle 🙂

  • watermind 7 years ago

    Ah OK! Thank you for your videos and thank you for answering!

  • welshhibby 7 years ago

    Come to Dublin ireland !

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    I love Ireland!!

  • MsJeesus 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for these amazing videos! They are a true blessing! I have always problems rolling my toes from this chaturanga dandasana to the next position (urdhva mucha…) My toes and probably also balls (is this the word?) are really stiff (even difficult to walk!). I’m trying to make them more supple. Do you have any advice or asana video for this?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Not yet, but the transition from Chaturanga Dandasana to Updog and then to Downdog requires a good amount of attention to detail. I’ll definitely look at making a video on that soon.

  • MsJeesus 7 years ago

    That would be great! I’m looking forward to that : ) I’m sure many would benefit. I’ve noticed many let their knees touch the floor in the change and their lower back maybe looses the natural curve. I wonder if this is ok to let the pelvis turn “forward”? Because of a lower back injury, I can’t let the pelvis drop down or turn forward a bit in this. It hurts! I tried also to find asanas for softening the toes, the feet. Been trying Janusirsasana C from primary series but nothing seems to happen.

  • Sarcy58 7 years ago

    Kino. I have always been frustrated with this pose. I watched this video and believe it or not, I nailed the beginner’s pose! Thank you!

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    That is really awesome! Keep practicing 🙂

  • loobeyloo2 7 years ago

    Kino did it not hurt your toes when you dragged the forward at the end?! I love you videos by the way but that just looked so painful to me! 😛

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    It’s totally ok for the toes 🙂

  • DenisseDanielle 7 years ago

    Been practicing at home with your DVD. some days are harder than others.
    but these youtube videos have helped me so much to get a little better everyday.
    Looking forward to one day having the opportunity to take one of your workshops.

  • JustKumiko2 7 years ago

    when you say spiral the elbows forward, doesn’t it knock the arm alignment out of place and put too much weight on the joint over time?, or is it safe to do as long as the shoulders are back?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    The movement should be alright as long as your shoulder and core are supporting you. If you feel pain in the elbow joint then it’s not aligned properly.

  • Mainy Sutithinun 7 years ago

    I love you kKno!!!

  • Robyn Smith 7 years ago

    Hi Kino. I had been doing it pretty much like this, but then very recently saw a video and that said to bring your chest forward and ensure that your elbows are above your wrists, essentially that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor. I started to notice that the instructors I’ve looked at on videos seem to do this but I notice you don’t. Knowing how knowledgeable you are about alignment, do you have any advice on whether this is necessary? It’s certainly way harder! I’m kinda, sorta new

  • Barbara Antonino 7 years ago

    Kino, could you please create a video to show alignment in the easier knees, chin, chest Ashtanga Namaskar…do the shoulder do same thing as Chaturanga Dandasana? Thank you heaps xx

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Thanks for watching and for the request. Please send a compete detailed email to my website contact form 🙂

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