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  • fancynancy15 7 years ago

    This was amazing! Perfect way to unwind after a long day

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    I definitely don’t use god/goddess imagery as fashion, but do surround myself of images of them for comfort. I don’t approach yoga in a sexual way, but yoga does influence every part of my life… how I feel about my body, the way I approach all physical exercise, how I pray, how I treat others. Yoga is absolutely not a hop in the bed, but it is something that can be practiced everywhere and used for so many wonderful things. Including settling the body & mind after a long day. xo Bex

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    The font in called “joy like sunshine” and I get all my fonts from dafontDOTcom.

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    🙂 It was a gift from my husband. I love it, too!

  • GoboSpeaks 7 years ago

    I think I need to do that now! I am all achy 🙂

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    Yeah, yeah… do it up, girl! xo

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    I’m kind of psychic that way 😉

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    @WhatShouldMyNameBee You can do this standing, lying on your side, or lying on your belly… extend both legs, then draw one leg behind you, bending at the knee and drawing your foot toward your butt. Grasp your foot with your same-side hand. Keep your knees parallel to each other. You may or may not be able to touch your butt with your foot, and that’s ok. You should feel a stretch in the front of your thigh (quadricep). Be sure to do both sides, so you don’t end up with a crooked walk! xo

  • Chels33a 7 years ago

    Seeing your room reminded me when do you guys get your new place :)?!

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    Ugh… it’s such an uphill battle. Selling real estate in NYC is a weird process, but we’re set to close around Feb 1. We’ll probably be in our new place by March 15-ish

  • Chels33a 7 years ago

    Oh I bet it is =// But March 15th isn’t too far! I’m excited for a tour of it once you get all settled in 🙂

  • quepasarick 7 years ago

    I didn’t know u were from NYC go girl! I wuz born n raise there. Where in NYC r u movin to?
    Upper west side is great…take care by the way r u workin out in ur undies lol just kiddin

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    We actually have a home in New Jersey (where we live) and Brooklyn (which we’re selling to buy another home/farm in New Jersey). We hate to let go of our Brooklyn place, but we need land!! Haha, those are bootie shorts by Victoria Keen – v-keenDOTcom – she gives 15% off to all Bex Life fans with coupon code BEX15 at checkout 🙂

  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    Great yoga pose hun.

  • Dorothy Ramos 7 years ago

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    Have a beautiful day & God Bless you all. ^^

  • Mikayla Winn 7 years ago

    Hey, are you a vegan? 🙂 I’m just wondering. Hehe

  • genghisgirl 7 years ago

    I’m not… the FAQ link on the about page on my website has all my diet/workout/personal info: bexlifeDOTcom

  • 126MusicLuver 7 years ago

    I just did that and it felt amazing thank you mighty night 🙂

  • Anna Broomfield 7 years ago

    I’m trying to get healthy and lose some weight and have never been sure of yoga. What do you think the benefits of yoga are? You’re an inspiration so thank you! New subscriber 🙂

  • Cheri Ashley 7 years ago

    I just did this 🙂 gn

  • Jessica Greenberg 7 years ago

    having to repeat it because my cat was attacking me lol, but i already feel more relaxed 🙂 and sleeepyyy ^_^

  • adamneve67 7 years ago

    Love this! Totally relaxing..

  • mahdita12 7 years ago

    just finished doing this and i felt good and ready for bedtime 🙂

  • AkumaXKami 7 years ago

    My goodness you’re flexible!

  • simonapunx 7 years ago

    omg I’m loving the music what is it?

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