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The best yoga exercise for flattening the abdominal muscles is a cleansing practice that also helps with digestion. Click below to subscribe to our channel f…




  • wrdMUA07 7 years ago


  • landofnails97 7 years ago

    LOLOLOL this is straight up nastyyy !

  • Linda Koshy 7 years ago

    Hi, I tried it its really easy to do and you can feel the abdominal muscle working out. Thanks a lot!
    You should polish that Hindi though:)

  • randomandsis 7 years ago

    sweet thank you and all you people cant do it dont me mad at them be mad at no one blessed b and i hope u become happyer

  • thawdar353 7 years ago

    Should this Yoga Exercises to Flatten the Stomach be done after having meal? Thank you.

  • SPN_Fan 7 years ago

    is he wearing jeans…?

  • 3damnthis 7 years ago

    hee hee I know, right? It is so hard to do them in Jeans!

  • Kyou Sunotori 7 years ago

    oh that looks so painful haha, so skinny! :,D

  • dasheekee 7 years ago

    Ha. Looks like a cat about to barf up a hairball.

  • angels77100 7 years ago

    This doesn’t work! I’ve tried it. It’s a scam. They photoshopped that Teddy guy’s stomach to look like it was moving in & out! Probably!

  • chizzygirl18 7 years ago

    LMAO!….i cannot take this seriously after seeing ur comment

  • Aiyahnah Jones 7 years ago

    This dose not work

  • VIPmsg 7 years ago

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  • HairGlitter 7 years ago

    Nice it works! It takes while to get used to

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