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  • Jennifer Aubin 7 years ago

    Day 12 done! This is one of my all time favorites. It is a great way to start OR end the day. I feel wonderfully relaxed. Thanks, Jessica!

  • laschakas 7 years ago

    This was a really good one! After a long day, this felt great.

  • Courtney Turner 7 years ago

    Day 12 done!

  • Leisha Dean 7 years ago

    Day 12 complete. Thanks Jessica!

  • Kristine James 7 years ago

    Day 13 complete. Nice stretch but I’m glad I didn’t do it in the morning.

  • Kristine James 7 years ago

    Sorry, I meant day 12 ;).

  • MissJones1223 7 years ago

    Day 12 Completed! I wish I had the chance to have done this earlier in the day,but it was just as good winding down 🙂

  • Becky Wenrich 7 years ago

    Done! Finally! :)

  • itsbeth 7 years ago

    day 12 done!

  • Shanna Thompson 7 years ago

    day 12 done

  • Cheryl Verver 7 years ago

    Done with day 12 – great way to end this busy week.

  • Kelly Peters 7 years ago

    Late entry on road to vacation didn’t have enough time to do this workout but took dog for relaxing walk before got on the road!

  • Christina Hoffman 7 years ago

    Did this one earlier. Thanks!

  • Darja K 7 years ago

    I finished this wo just now 🙂

  • Elisa Vazquez 7 years ago

    Yesterday I had no access to a computer so I did the cardio quickie from your DVD instead. This morning I did this one, my lower back was happy 🙂 saving the resistance band workout for the evening.

  • XstargazerX1989 7 years ago

    Friday was my off day so I didn’t do this one. I might do it today after my hike with a church group. I know I’ll be sore after that! Perfect weather too! Woot!

  • denayahyatt 7 years ago

    Relaxing, yet challenging. I liked it!

  • Beth Oakley 7 years ago

    I liked this and did it ahead of day 11 this morning 🙂

  • SUSAN FERNANDO 7 years ago

    D-12 done. Feeling peaceful and energized on a Saturday morning. Have a great weekend Jessica and thanks for all you do:)

  • tracystretch 7 years ago

    Da #12 one and feeling good.

  • Mehak Gupta Mittal 7 years ago

    Day 12 done.. Did 12 and 13 together and I feel good!!!

  • laschakas 7 years ago

    This was relaxing!

  • Penny Phillips-Camp 7 years ago

    Relaxing…This and the next are day 12 and 14 for me.

  • cantona156 7 years ago

    This was relaxing and really prepared the body for the day ahead. Thanks jessica!

  • A Matcham 7 years ago

    Wonderful Day 12 Complete 🙂

  • cig38mb 7 years ago

    I did this one after HIIT and it felt great! Love it!!

  • Melissa Morris 7 years ago

    This was great at night too. Day 13 done!

  • Frances Eckert 7 years ago

    Just completed Day 12 workout! I did not do it yesterday because I was not feeling well. So I did many of the moves from this workout in addition to doing the Flat Abs Walk. I also did the scheduled workout for today with the resistance bands! Thank you, Jessica and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  • leigh anne 7 years ago

    Another great one.  I always really feel the camel pose.

  • Mary Elwart 7 years ago

    another one complete!

  • Evelina Björk 7 years ago

    Day 12 completed.

  • Dale Guffey 7 years ago

    I fell behind and while I’ve been doing other exercises (it cooled off a bit this weekend, so walking outside was fantastic!), this felt GREAT!

  • Penny Phillips-Camp 7 years ago

    Day 13(Have that stretch one to do) completed…late. Husband found out he has kidney stones today so its been quite hectic.

  • Raïssa Hans 7 years ago

    Picking up where i left off for a weekend full of exercise.
    Back on track and totally ready for the day!
    Thanks x

  • Tempting Taanzaa 7 years ago

    Rise and shine was more like home and relax because I did it in the evening. I will bookmark it though. Good wake up.

  • D.B. Grady 7 years ago

    Making it up on my Day 12. Done.

  • Panaisa03 7 years ago

    Thanks. Gracias

  • UmmAbdillah Clarke 7 years ago

    Check in: Workout done!!!!!

  • mommy2two07 7 years ago

    check in : done

  • Angela Copley 7 years ago

    Day 12 made up! Not sure I would want to wake up this way-but I sure would be awake. Maybe as I get more limber, I will appreciate it more! 🙂

  • Jakkid Sanetuntikul 7 years ago

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