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  • andres99f 6 years ago

    primer comentario

  • MrDener2009 6 years ago

    thanks, for that , you did a great thing

  • cuntsgab 6 years ago

    i wanna have kama sutra yoga chakra kundalini sex with this woman. lol.

  • Alexis Townsend 6 years ago

    Thank You So Much!!!!

  • nixpereira 6 years ago

    Thank you!!

  • Gee Mailer 6 years ago

    You are how and magnificently my yoga teacher is going to look like :)!

  • Alvina Thomas 6 years ago

    thnks soo much 4 uploading this video…….!!! :-)

  • Oleg Flow 6 years ago

    this breathing is incorrect

  • pazcecipaz 6 years ago

    do tell us the RIGHT way Oleg ….

  • TheDoll300 6 years ago

    what is the right way then? i want to learn yoga but looking into it first andoverwhelmed .

  • Cecil Leung 6 years ago

    Did she say her name was Michelle Obama??? LOL

  • Karen Kapaun Jones 6 years ago

    only complaint is that it took 2:30 to get to the exercise

  • Joe Chorlton 6 years ago

    Doe at his help with better breathing when doing long distance running

  • Yura Podimov 6 years ago

    Hello! I’m Jessica.I did -30 lbs last 1 month.Open

  • Andriy Lukyanov 6 years ago

    Nice, but .I did -25 lbs past one week.Open

  • Igor Malinov 6 years ago

    Well.. .I did -40 lbs in 2 weeks.Open

  • Valera Kunipov 6 years ago


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