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Ready to challenge yourself in new ways? Learn to transition between your arm balance poses with ease. This video details the transition from Elephant Trunk …




  • someguyonacouch 7 years ago

    I need to teach my girlfriend this…

  • JaboBabo 7 years ago

    goodness she’s stunning

  • Rob Cornelissen 7 years ago

    I say!

  • KingColt1985 7 years ago

    nice explanation and booty, thanks for the video

  • MegaBreadbutter 7 years ago

    wooooe i thought you were guna do an easy one! Im guna try and do this till i get it right then ill show it off to my friends haha

  • Kellie Adkins 7 years ago

    @quartzqt Hi! There’s a really good reason why I don’t point the toes, but thanks for the suggestion 😉

  • sean harris 7 years ago

    why aren’t you supposed to point the toes?

  • Kellie Adkins 7 years ago

    You certainly CAN point the toes, but when you instead point the ball of the foot and flex the toes (i.e., floint) you engage both the inner and outer leg & thigh muscles, from the thighs to the ankles. It also helps engage what yoga calls “mula bandha” – the root lock: a complex muscular action involving pelvic floor engagement, inner thigh engagement, and low belly activation. The combined effect results in a more effortless transition between the arm balances.

  • sean harris 7 years ago

    Ok. I know exactly what you mean i can definitely feel the difference between the two, and right now my legs, center and lower back are my target areas. And there is a VERY noticable difference when i push my balls out. To me it feels like im expanding more from the center, whereas pointing of the toes just fills like im pulling the top mucsle with my ankles. THanks for the clarification.

  • vic monsta 7 years ago

    is this from madison?

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