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“Yoga Beginners Part 5 of 5 , Relaxation” is the final episode of this beginner series. Relaxation , or savasana, is a very important part of our yoga practi…




  • IHACKER316 7 years ago

    great video as always <3

  • jx14aby 7 years ago

    Another nice video. Thanks.

  • RubberBiscuit 7 years ago

    Thanks again for this beginner series. I like the poses in this segment that open up the space between the shoulder blades. I have a lot of pressure there in general.

  • lefayofcamelot 7 years ago

    This is a great series and it’s great for people like myself who don’t have access to yoga classes but still want to learn. It’s one thing to read books on yoga, but it’s another to have someone show you the correct positions. Thanks Esther xx

  • Erin Emery 7 years ago

    I love your videos, Esther! I only have one promblem: I have no mat… I’m a young teenager whose mom says, “You don’t need a mat to do yoga, use a beach towel!” So I must ask you, what do you recomend to use instead of a yoga mat?

  • wh15p3r 7 years ago

    The difference between an actual Yoga mat and a Beach towel is kind of significant… Lol. May want to inform her that people need a non-slip surface to perform yoga on more easily. Beach towels you’ll have to keep adjusting, they’ll slip, and whatever else. You’d have more luck doing Yoga on a carpet than you would a beach towel. >>

  • Fartog77 7 years ago

    Thank you Ester you are a queen! Brooklyn loves you!!!

  • moocow456moo 7 years ago

    Personally I didn’t think yoga would be that much of a workout! but this is my first tine doing it and wow was I wrong!

  • christinax24 7 years ago

    Hi Esther 🙂
    Thank you SO much for your lovely videos.
    I’m still a beginner and I practice the 5 beginner videos everyday,I began about 2 weeks ago,so I’m still sort of new.
    But I was wondering,once I get these beginner poses done,what videos should I watch next?
    Hoping to hear from you soon 🙂

  • MsDalfo 7 years ago

    I had decided to try and get into yoga after the personal trainer at work taught us a few poses. Fheew! That was a lot more difficult than I imagined!

    Thanks for making this knowledge accessible to everyone!

  • redhotchilipepperou 7 years ago

    after being comfortable with the poses on beginners videos what should we proceed on? 😀

  • cdawg4391 7 years ago

    This is difficult but I feel my body growing more and more limber as I keep practicing. This is going to be really good for me. Thanks Esther.

  • cdawg4391 7 years ago

    Wow – you are really relaxed and peaceful. You are in a good place in this video…..your body language and facial expressions express pure peace.

  • cdawg4391 7 years ago

    Doesn’t it hurt? Lol I’ve been at it for two weeks now and it’s very difficult…..but rewarding. Esp. with this one, I can really feel my chest open up so that my breathing is much more full, flowing, and relaxed.

  • Artjoms Pugacovs 7 years ago

    Now when you have done all 5 parts. go online to buy a full DVD lesson?
    Was this your goal teacher?

  • Marc Helsens 7 years ago

    Hallo Esther,

  • Marc Helsens 7 years ago

    Hallo Esther,veel dank voor deze wondermooie videos en professionele instructies.Ben reeds een jaar geleden begonnen met het volgen van jou yoga lessen.Het beoefenen van yoga helpt me bij het corrigeren van m’n houding ,alsook bij het dansen van de Argentijnse Tango.Heb er echt veel voldoening van!Veel dank,Marc ,Belgium

  • christinax24 7 years ago

    Where can I go after I’m done with these beginner videos?
    I really need to know!

  • d gold 7 years ago

    thank you so much I love you series. You teach it so well!!

  • Shell Stenger 7 years ago

    You are wonderful, Ester. Thank you so much. Namaste

  • Nichelle Silo 7 years ago

    thanks a lot for this! :))) really thanks :))

  • helpimafishcake 7 years ago

    It’s ironic that tighten up by the black keys is a related video.

  • L Stewart 7 years ago

    I do this whole beginners series as often as I can. It really helps me relax :). Thank you.

  • L Stewart 7 years ago

    Anybody else having the issue where a random ad plays in the middle of this? I do, and disrupting my yoga makes for a bad combination.

  • Curtis Thomas 7 years ago

    just a quick question, my legs are really tight and really dont get far down in the forward bend, should i just keep doing this pose and my flexability will increase, or is there something else I should be doing to loosen up my leg muscles?

  • HIMCHOLI RAY 7 years ago

    TIPS ON YOGA Make your own sequence 40-50 asanas to cover whole series, do alternate days,start gentle, increase by no more than 10% each two weeks.Duration 5-30 breaths each asana.Later add 8-10 core strenghening PILATE excercises into your routine Full bed sheets towels are ok for yoga Books Light on Yoga 1966 Iyenger,Vishnudevananda Yoga 1960 Slowly increase duration/complexity Extreme hardship do 10 sun salutations Best outcome do at home avoid props BE KIND TO ALL ESP YOUSELF NAMASTE

  • Jennifer McHenry 7 years ago

    I’m a beginner, and I’d have to agree. I don’t have a mat yet; as such, I’ve found that the best non skid surface is a hardwood floor (if it’s not too slippery, you can usually get enough traction in bare hands and feet but it won’t be as soft as with a mat) or a carpeted floor. Even a VERY LARGE carpet with non-stick on the bottom tends to move during my sessions and a carpeted floor works best in that case.

    I’ve also seen yoga socks and gloves online for a pretty comparable price to a mat.

  • eesha vareesha 7 years ago

    hi, i am an overweight person and am trying to loose weight… but all the exercises that involve my knees , i find then difficult to do and lose my balance. and after sometime i get a burning feeling in one of them.. what should i doo plz help.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    Try searching for chair yoga on our channel. Start there and work your way up. Practice near a wall so that you can support yourself in poses that require balance. Also look up my video on protecting your knees in your yoga practice. Good luck!

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