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Yoga Beginners Part 2 “Learn to Flow”. Esther strings the poses you practiced in part 1 together and teaches you to flow with them on the rhythm of your brea…




  • minkydoopoo 7 years ago

    It was going well until Cobra when I face-planted´╗┐ the floor! Really enjoy yoga though so hopefully I’ll get over it! Thanks ­čśÇ

  • greatscotty 7 years ago


  • undertaker9000ish 7 years ago

    i do this every day and now im soo flexible´╗┐

  • neverendingtvxq 7 years ago

    Do I need a yoga mat to do this? I do this on my carpet.´╗┐ Does it make a big difference without the mat?

  • Chris Boyd 7 years ago

    I prefer yoga classes like this without all the´╗┐ breathless pseudo spiritual talk, which slows things down and I don’t believe anyway. Great lesson.

  • Chris Boyd 7 years ago

    It’s definitely worth getting a decent yoga mat. They’re super grippy which stops your hands´╗┐ and feet sliding away — which can cause muscle strain as you engage the stomach and groin muscles to try and stop the slide.

  • Polymorphable 7 years ago

    I agree´╗┐

  • pinkytrang 7 years ago

    hi Esther, How many time do I have to practise´╗┐ a day with Yoga Beginners Part 2?


  • Beagleschick 7 years ago

    Well personally I think a mat´╗┐ is just more comfortable than the floor. As Boydist1 said they’re super grippy, which helps a lot, well until your hands get too sweaty lol. I think it’s totally worth spending 10 or 20 dollars haha ­čÖé

  • Rosie TVD 7 years ago

    It helps if u use music to carm thing down xxx´╗┐

  • Mona Elisabeth Fl├Ştten 7 years ago

    Now it gets challenging! Good luck to everyone (including myself)´╗┐ ­čśŤ

  • alexia covert 7 years ago

    where´╗┐ are you from?

  • elizabethheberling 7 years ago

    Esther, I love your videos. I am a new yogi, and I have been looking for a good video instructor to help me take my love for yoga to the next level. Your videos very descriptive and help me understand the “why” of each´╗┐ breath, pose, and movement. Keep posting for us beginners.

  • Nichelle Silo 7 years ago

    thanks for´╗┐ this:))

  • Simge Yanar 7 years ago

    Thanks for your videos´╗┐ Esther ­čÖé Greetings from Turkey.

  • Standintherainagain 7 years ago

    Ester´╗┐ diva! <3

  • Tamara Morgan 7 years ago

    I find this far too fast for me (a true beginner). Especially incorporating the post in the middle´╗┐ where you sink down between your knees, which is not covered in the previous video but which is very difficult in terms of balance. Also, all the placing of the feet forward and back is not smooth at this point–I think flowing is out of reach of a true beginner, and should have been reserved for a later video.

  • Elisa Nettesheim 7 years ago

    It makes me feel so relaxed afterwards!´╗┐

  • ivana ciric 7 years ago

    Ok this is nice work,but i thing it’s a little bit hard exercise to be for beginners especially for someone who didn’t do exercise for a long time … :/ I tried this but i am still´╗┐ not that elastic ­čÖü But i working on it so i think i am gonna be able to do it one day ­čśÇ Tnx for the videos anyway ­čÖé

  • pavel kozlowski 7 years ago

    i’ve got a question, some of the move make my knee really hurt´╗┐ when holding some of the position, should i use kneepad or it’s a normal thing to happen, i do the yoga on the marble floor btw

  • MiyukiItachi 7 years ago

    do you have a mat on the floor? there are thicker mat but more expensive but you could just put a towel´╗┐ under it!!

  • pavel kozlowski 7 years ago

    i´╗┐ got towel, guess i’v got to start using mat then

  • Yogaposeweekly 7 years ago

    This is great to start. :)´╗┐

  • Renee Terrell 7 years ago

    im glad i found this going´╗┐ slow helps for proper learning

  • tata131211 7 years ago

    i feel so loose and my knees feel so… lubricated i wanna say
    ive had two right knee surgeries (sports, meniscus tears) and ever since its been tight and a little painful when i try to bend it all the way but after´╗┐ this OMG wayyy better

  • tata131211 7 years ago

    how did 10 losers take the time to thumb this vid down?!
    if´╗┐ u dont like it, move on

  • Nikola Rokvic 7 years ago

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