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YOGA BASICS SERIES: Master basic yoga postures, or asanas, to set a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Visit for simple tips on…




  • yogadrienne 7 years ago

    Hahaha!! Not the point of the video…but, thanks?

  • dancemql 7 years ago

    Totally Unfair – I’m a Currency Trader in NYC ( High Pressured Job ..) , and I think I need some Yoga in my Life.. So believe or not , I’m learning a few things here ..I’m a little reluctant to make requests , but since you insist on it and you really are stretching my arms here – I’d like to see more side view action , allowing your tailbone to descend as the Navel lifts In and Up ..And I Promise , I’ll be quiet 🙂

  • yogadrienne 7 years ago

    This can be a bit difficult to show in a video, as it’s very subtle. It might help to try this out while standing. Place one hand flat on your tailbone with your fingers facing down toward the floor. Gently press your tailbone toward the floor to get the feeling of a “descending tailbone.” Place your index and middle finger of your other hand on your belly button and then slightly pull your belly button in and then up to see what that feels like. If it seems too complicated, just skip it! 🙂

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