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From Crow and Moola Bandha check, to Peacock and crow variations, Padahasta asana. Demo by an R.Y.T. (30+ years’ yoga exp.) DISCLAIMER: NO liability. (You st…




  • yogatic 7 years ago

    That was very inspiring, thank you.

  • YogisAAA 7 years ago

    That’s good to hear.
    / om shanti

  • John Ashert 7 years ago


  • brisance63 7 years ago

    thank you for showing this clip… Wow

  • chekkkit 7 years ago

    This is very helpful… I have trouble with my wrists during my advanced arm balances and I’ve never tried it on my fists. I will give it a try!

  • YogisAAA 7 years ago

    A good idea – but hasten slowly, as always in yoga (maybe slightly less slowly if you’ve trained kentate on fists regularly like in martial arts).
    The fist angle is much kinder to the wrist but a little less kind to the fingers…

  • jubyvera662 7 years ago


  • jenna windsor 7 years ago

    wow .. but is he standing on books :s .. a spiritual person should no better

  • RollerKoster 7 years ago

    wow .. but your words are incorrect :S .. a youtube commenter should know better

  • YogisAAA 7 years ago

    :-)) Well, on phone directories. Back in 2009, they were still on paper…

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