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Crow, Side Crow, Flying Split, Firefly, Flying Pigeon, Eight Limbed Pose, Scale, Headstand, Wheel, One Legged Wheel, Wild Thing.




  • Samantha Savard 7 years ago

    Thank you! It’s called Powerful by David Osmond. Do a search for “DoTerra” in iTunes and you should be able to find it.

  • Stephanie Fritz 7 years ago

    You used an appropriate song in the background! This is POWERFUL!

  • rolandsc 7 years ago

    Lovely demo. Thanks.

  • Tracylinza 7 years ago

    Damn; that was awesome. You made it look so effortless! And loved all the music during this clip!

  • 4swzb 7 years ago

    Breathtakeningly beautiful and graceful a real inspiration of spirit meeting body and overcoming mind….in deep appreciation thanks and namaste

  • Maria Melander 7 years ago

    singer of adi shakti namo song? great video,,,namaste

  • TheJihanejiji 7 years ago

    Please how long have you been practicing ? I am new to yoga an I would love to know how long would it take me to excel these sequences thank you

  • Gabriela Huh 7 years ago

    Hay,can u say from that point u had started do this? I am not so flexible but i am working at this. so what i should do more that i will do the same like u?

  • Saltation Ignite 7 years ago

    TRULY inspiring and amazing!!! Thank you for sharing discipline and devotion with us! <3

  • princess13dachshund 7 years ago

    Wow, amazing strength, flexibility, and sequencing! Lovely!

  • Bobby Kuhlenberg 7 years ago

    them HIPs girl ;) but seriously – impressive. where’s that handstand?

  • fabianglr 7 years ago

    Clay just came back from your class yesterday and said Pam kicked my ass! Haha. I can see how that’s true 🙂 looking to pick yoga up next week. You’re pretty amazing.

  • fabianglr 7 years ago


  • Yura Palaznuk 7 years ago

    Nice, but .I did -15 lbs past 30 days.Visit

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