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Design your life. Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice that I like to describe as guided visualization meets hypnosis. You suggest to yourself what you want t…




  • Qua Interstellar 7 years ago


  • bandhurey 7 years ago

    Your teeth are like painted white. Whiter than your eye balls.

  • LA Nidra 7 years ago

    that’s hilarious hehehe…

  • xcetia37 7 years ago

    Yoga Nidra is beyond any creative visualization that might lead you towards Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is Conscious Deep Sleep. This state of consciousness is the field of mind where impression are stored, not where they are played with.

  • Natasha Peterson 7 years ago

    This is a wrong western explanation of yoga nidra – I am of indian decent, and have studied YN in india alongside yoga and meditation practises from my guru who learned the technique from swami satyananda who founded the practise. Yoga nidra actually does not work on the subconcious but at the unconscious / awakened level — where the state of I/ me does not exist — such as when we are in deep sleep and we are unaware of our ego, Hence certain sankalpas will work others wont…

  • 01photon 7 years ago

    Queen.. really ?

  • rahulgurudev 7 years ago

    dont like such ads…… just share your knowledge, no selling pls.

  • OneRedStoneCreative 7 years ago

    If you really want to help others, look into the ego. I know you know about it. But you aren’t fully embracing it. Yoga Nidra is important for people to find. To call yourself QUEEN (really??? haha) right off the bat, Being “self absorbed & thinking you are a queen” turns off not only enlightened ones who know about this art, but more specifically those who need it most will be turned off by your EGO right away…being either intimidated or annoyed with your most high queenship attitude.

  • SunGazer osan 7 years ago

    She is painted! All of her!

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