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Get ready for swimsuit season with this weight loss yoga sequence! Whether you are looking to tone the body or just find what feels good Adriene brings a rea…




  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Blue dog loves yoga time. I swear he senses the change of energy in the room! I love it! Have you checked out the Downward Dog video in our Foundations Of Yoga series? Check er out!

  • Brian Christoffersen 7 years ago

    Oh Blue Dog (cool name) must be a nice yoga partner! I’ll check out Foundations of Yoga Series, thanks!

  • Amberella2408 7 years ago

    This was soooo hard but I kept with it as much as I could and I’m drenched in sweat but I made it through! Will be returning to your vids for stretch/rest days! 🙂

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Awesome! You go!

  • Tania Rios 7 years ago

    I practice with your videos almost every day. Thank you!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Fantastico! More videos to come that I think are going to be both FUN and useful! Find the joy! Work it out! xx

  • Harsharan Sidhu 7 years ago

    Thank you for these great workouts! I hope to continue and try out all the different sequences you have uploaded! 🙂

    Quick question: I’m having trouble going from downward dog to a runners lunge so do you have any suggestions on what I should focus on stretching/strengthening?

    Thanks again for the videos!

  • BlueEyes2596 7 years ago

    Is it normal to be sore after doing this routine? I did this for the first time and the next day I was sore.
    I love, love, love your videos by the way!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Oh, that good sore is the best! As long as you are being mindful I would say it is “normal” to feel sore! Yes! You are working muscles and areas of the body that perhaps have not been worked in awhile – or ever! Shine some light into those dark places – wake up the body! Love love love!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Hi, thank you! Yes, my first suggestion is *take your time* no need to rush that transition. In time you will find that you can move more swiftly & with more grace but feel free to take your time. Often this transition is super rushed in classes & there really is no harm in slowing down. In addition, take as many steps as you need! Pride yourself of the 4 step up! 😉 If you are looking to check in with your core- try stepping the leg up and over – bringing it up without it brushing the mat! 😉

  • Pragya Sawai 7 years ago

    what particular video can be followed for love handles?

  • Giuls1721 7 years ago

    i love your videos! This one is my favourite! I just want say it because your are great and i love your work!
    Thanks a lot for your routine videos!
    Lot of love from Italy!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Yoga for weight loss video-the first one in the series. in particular the beg and end of that sequence should check in with that area of the body. I think a yoga for love handles could be a fun little sequence on its own! Noted!!! xo

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Hi Giuls! Thank you my friend, all around! I hope to make it to Italy some day!!!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    It is called “40 min Fat burning workout” 😉

  • sal p 7 years ago

    Inversion video coming? 😀 I just started learning headstand & forearm stand and would really like your take on them!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    My pleasure! Headstand coming first!

  • Rebecca Park 7 years ago

    I just did this and I enjoyed it so much! And you are hilarious, I started laughing at some of your comments throughout the video. THANK YOU!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Thanks Rebecca! I appreciate it! Laught it up and keep returning to the mat! Thank you! Love, A

  • suesurfs 7 years ago

    i’m completely new to yoga and i love how you put emphasis on the quality of each move. it really helped me a lot. thank you so much xx

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Thank you! I am glad to hear it. It’s all you baby! When we focus of quality we truly find what feels good. xx

  • TheCutestCurliest 7 years ago

    Will you be doing any more fat loss videos? I love the longer videos. 40 minutes to an hour is perfect time! I also wanted to say thanks for posting these videos. Love them and I’m really into yoga and treating my body well now because of you!

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    You treat that body well- because of YOU! I will be continuing the weight loss series yes! And the next one will be a little different too! Love to you!

  • tulybdkot 7 years ago

    How much weight do you reckon I might lose with this? I’ve just lost three stone using Killer Kilo Loser. It’s the sole diet program that appears to be working for me lol. Just google it.

  • Aswathy Kumar 7 years ago

    Hey Adrienne..,I just started doing yoga and was checking out a right trainer when I saw ur video and I think u r awesome. Just wanted to know how often will u upload videos…I have done all that you have uploaded. Should I just continue to repeat or will u post something new.. My problem is I get bored easily.

  • Aswathy Kumar 7 years ago

    And I must add..u have the most calming voice ever. That Jillian Michaels need to learn a few things from you..

  • isha mishra 7 years ago

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  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    I will be posting something new! I also encourage you to return to the practice to see if you can discover new sensations within the sequence or within the form! There is a lot there- lets not be bored!! I agree with that! 🙂

  • ilikegreenbras 7 years ago

    Would this be considered “power yoga” ?

  • radhi1224 7 years ago

    You’r pretty. You’r total Fun to see. You have such a clm voice. You hve perfect body. Your skin glows. You look soo Fresh. If I would be atleast 1% of YOU after doing it, Yes, I m gonna do this session anyhow!!!!! Fallen in Love with u Girl… Love from India xxx

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    I personally would not call this power yoga! But it can be powerful yoga! Stay mindful! I am weary of folks “powering through” xxo

  • Yoga With Adriene 7 years ago

    Oh bless you! Sending gratitude and a big Texas smile to you! You are already the best version of yourself- so just crack open the door and let it SHINE!!! Shine on girl xoox Adriene

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