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Top 5 Myths You Need to Know About Weight Gain1 Way To Build Lean Muscle: What’s up everybody, It’s Jonny with In




  • Phu Duong 6 years ago


  • SolitO Gamer 6 years ago

    Lol! GOod video (y)

  • Sarah Ashford 6 years ago

    You’re funny:)) lol You’re soo right though!

  • supermason00 6 years ago

    Your videos are very informing yet hilarious!

  • MrOpOp 6 years ago


  • dianita huertas 6 years ago

    i use to eat 500 cals per day , then i realized that that’s insane and i
    dont want to live eating that really small amount of cals per day, and
    little by little i’ve been increasing the amount of calories that i eat
    always trying to stay healthy , but i’ve noticed that i’ve been getting
    bit fat specially in my back area and a bit in my stomach and arms :S ,, i
    guess maybe is because my body got crazy for that change and my metabolism
    was slowwwwwww, but i also do excersise every day and i dont want to be
    fatter .. i want to increase my metabolism and need to know what i’m doing
    wrong :s

  • Dustin Atwood 6 years ago

    Best video yet. 

  • danavelar69 6 years ago

    I can see your on the Gainzzzz road!!!!

  • Razear 6 years ago

    That’s a carcass of shit! lol

  • Insane Home Fat Loss 6 years ago
  • Sarah Ashford 6 years ago

    Ppl do make some lame ass excuses. It’s not that difficult.

  • brandoncmn 6 years ago

    Hey Johnny are you bulking bro?

  • Riku2005 6 years ago

    your neck is so thick bruh LOL

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