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The Wedge | March 29, 2015Tried to give the edit a gloomy black and white feel to fit the style let me know what you guys thin




  • Kimu Fitisemanu 5 years ago

    Diggin this song

  • Justin Mellott 5 years ago

    The Wedge- Where surfers, bodyboarders and bodysurfers can shred the waves
    and put on an amazing show for all the groms (including me) standing on the
    Great video Mike!

  • Tokyo Mustang 5 years ago

    One if the best surfing edits ive seen in a while!! Exspecially when
    watching on my ps vita! 😀 haha added to favourites!!!

  • Evan Manzo 5 years ago

    Sickest channel on YouTube! 

  • JoshKmedia 5 years ago

    Dope as always!

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