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Do you prefer yoga to meditation? Or meditation to yoga? For many of us in the western world, moving our bodies is a lot easier than sitting with our unruly …




  • kalkeikuu 7 years ago

    Can you do a video on healing the bacteria SIBO? I suffer from chronic iron anemia and Leaky Gut, food allergies, and I’ve heard that this could be related to SIBO.

  • John Douillard 7 years ago

    Kalkeikuu, Thank you for the suggestion. We will certainly consider the topic for a future video. In the meantime you might find some helpful information in the Articles and Videos section of the Lifespa website, particularly in the ‘Digestive Health Issues’ and ‘Food Sensitivities’ categories.

  • John Douillard 7 years ago

    Yes Dharma Defender, we see many of the same issues with fast food and junk food here in the United States. It is heartening to see people sharing the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda around the world though. There is certainly a lot of work to be done. Thanks for watching and for your comment.

  • AmaliaPowell672 7 years ago

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