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  • Emma Ly 6 years ago

    Love and respect x

  • Jon Rocket 6 years ago

    If I could donate for your new gym I would 🙂 

  • The Sitch 6 years ago

    +Christian Guzman did you get that wallet at a department store or an
    actual Ralph Polo store? I wanna get one of those!

  • ChelseaLifts 6 years ago

    Props for being way calmer about that than I would have been…jeez

  • tomioo9 6 years ago

    Who the FUCK leaves their wallet in their car? especially in an M4??

  • EastonFitness 6 years ago

    what’s the song in the gym when he starts leg pressing?

  • NiKoHJeLLe 6 years ago

    I dont understand how this could take 1 hr plus? my volume is hgher and i
    spend a lot shorter time at the gym

  • Trevor J 6 years ago

    Vince G did it LOL

  • AmdiFiT 6 years ago

    That’s a big spider by danish standards, i thought that a big spider in
    Texas would be like the size of a tarantula …

  • Transfiqure 6 years ago

    fuck giving everyone a clean slate. you’re setting yourself up to get
    fucked over if you do that.

  • Overload Militia 6 years ago

    Sorry to hear about the car. On the plus side the Police got a fingerprint
    and can hopefully track who it was. Keep on making gainz bro!

  • PlanCarbon 6 years ago

    they got a finger print? seriously?
    thought people watched TV shows and know when to wear gloves o.O

  • FlyWithDelta 6 years ago

    aren’t there cameras on the gym’s building and in the parking lot

  • Solkatti 6 years ago

    I drive a 2001 Subaru Outback. Straight thief deterrent. Who the fuck wants
    to break into that?

  • Jan Antipuesto 6 years ago

    When people are jealous of your success Christian, that’s how you know
    you’re doing something right man. Keep your head up and keep working man! 

  • Jenn Schofding 6 years ago

    So jealous of your guys’ relationship. I want a boyfriend to lift with lol

  • Chris Karimi 6 years ago

    How much money is in Guzman’s account? Ready, set, go!

  • Get Huge 6 years ago

    You want bigger legs but don’t want to squat heavy.
    Do you think your legs will be bigger from squatting 350 for a 1RM or 450
    for a 1RM?
    Your lifts are so unproportional it’s cringe-worthy.

  • david whitaker 6 years ago

    You have a credit card? Why?

  • gainer2420 6 years ago

    This dude makes me,gay

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