Added by on August 6, 2013 Healthy placement and use of the shoulders is crucial to developing a strong structural foundation. Downward facing dog is a great po…




  • rehutepa 7 years ago

    haha thats great ! i was literally just wondering how i could progress in this posture then boooom u posted this lil’ gem. Cheers Kino “)

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Glad you found it helpful!

  • yeeyoh 7 years ago

    Another great video.

  • Michelle Calhoun 7 years ago

    great foundation. Im going to try that.

  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    I always love seeing Kino MacGregor’s wonderful yoga videos. She’s so amazing and lovely. & i love to do the poses very much.

  • yoganutsi 7 years ago

    Hi Kino. Your dedication to practice is amazing & this clearly shows in your teaching. Question: When we push up out of salamba shirshasana the shoulder blades draw ‘away’ (not down). This movement i.e. ‘away’ is what we use in handstand. It is this same movement in down dog as I understand it. Maybe this is a gymnastic approach?! If you you tube ‘Andrei Ram Om teaching Handstand’ you can see this demonstrated. Clearly this approach is not the classic Astanga one – or am I missing something. Om

  • r3bol 7 years ago

    Nice tips. Thanks.

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    There are many different ways to do handstand and for different purposes and they all have different positions of the shoulder. Try different ones out. Downward dog puts much less weight on the upper body than handstand so the shoulder position is different. Try it out!

  • TheAutumnElve 7 years ago

    You make it look effortless! I was able to do the exercise- just not as easily. Many thanks!

  • Andree Christaldi 7 years ago

    I just video’d myself.. my shoulders are abit tucked in to my ears and also, when I tried to go down onto my elbows, its really hard to get them to go down pointing in, they really want to go down pointing out..

  • Andree Christaldi 7 years ago

    please more correct shoulder alignment videos 🙂

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Any particular postures?

  • Andree Christaldi 7 years ago

    up dog, down dog, chaturanga.. mostly those moves which we do alot as part of the daily practice and regularly have weight & pressure on the shoulder & shoulder joint.. 🙂 .. trying to be mindful that incorrect alignment can result in pressure being applied to bad areas resulting in more harm than good 🙂

  • Bára Bobková 7 years ago

    This is what I urgent need! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Frank Fxaxrx 7 years ago

    Kino, you said if your shoulders are healthy and strong in the downward facing dog, then you should be able to drop to your elbows and go back to the regular DFD. Any weakness would be attributed to weak technique? Couldn’t possibly be that one needs to build up the shoulder strength by repeating this DFD?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Yes, you are right. Weakness might be present in the shoulders so you would need to work on strengthening. This technique is a great way to do just that.

  • Frank Fxaxrx 7 years ago

    I have asked you a couple of questions thru YouTube. However, I asked about the downward facing dog and shoulder weakness vs. technique. I am attempting to strengthen my shoulders thru downward facing dog. My triceps, my shoulders, and lats were most affected by this attempt. Should I have felt soreness in these areas because I did it correctly or does this soreness indicate I may have done the DFD wrong?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    That sounds spot on!

  • KeNalu1 7 years ago

    Thanks for another great lesson Kino! Your instruction is always so precise and filled with those little subtle elements that improve practice.

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Thanks for watching!

  • xyfly 7 years ago

    yoga teachers often forget to tell us to work our latissimus dorsi. thanks for that tip!

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    The lats are really important for shoulder stability.

  • sticknstonesbrkbones 7 years ago

    I never thought yoga would be like this. Every bone in my back cracked. lol It feels good but at the same time I feel way more out of shape than I thought I was. BTW, were you able to do splits from the beginning of your yoga training or did it take you a while? If so how long is normal? thx

  • Mike Hatch 7 years ago

    Hi Kino. I’m starting your Beginner Series today. One question: I can’t stand flat on my feet and do this. Is this okay at first while I build flexibility? I can only stand flat on feet by really moving in close with my hands. But… at this position I can’t possibly lower my elbows to the ground, even if I do one elbow at a time as directed in video.

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Great that you’ve started the practice! Yes, you can be on your toes or even with bent knees to do this.

  • Mike Hatch 7 years ago

    Thanks Kino. I’ve been aware of your channel for some time, but never started until now. Been doing The Five Tibetans for a couple of months now, though. How many repetitions do you do of this? And for any of your videos like this one for that matter… until complete muscle fatigue?

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    Until you feel a good amount of burn in the muscle, but not too much so as to over exhaust yourself… a perfect balance

  • MsJeesus 7 years ago

    I’m at a point with where many of asanas in primary series are starting to be easy, almost too easy (hope won’t get bored with repetition!), but all those asanas and jumps that require strenght in the arms and core are yet troublesome. Especially the arms!!! I’ve tried body pump and gym practice to build strenght, but those didn’t help much with yoga!

    Kino, your techniques for building strenght seem to be excellent. Wonder, should one do these inside yoga practice, between asanas or separated?

  • lynayoung 7 years ago

    Great tip!

  • GIDO74 7 years ago

    Hi Kino, me again. I need some advice from you if possible. I often wake up with a stiff neck and then im off to the ciro practor. They have shown me how to sleep corectly on my side with my legs bent and a cushin in between my legs. The right hight of my pillow. Still i get some bad mornings, witch of your videos should i try to follow for my problem. They say my neck is clinching my nerves and then causes pain in the right shoulder, my whole arm tingles and gets lame.

  • SleepyCF 7 years ago

    I’m so happy to find these video’s! I feel like such a dork at Yoga class with 15 other perfectly in shape and flexable girls,as a guy it’s so intimidating. Its nice to be able to replay video’s over and over to see what I’m doing wrong.

  • sanmattia 7 years ago

    You glow, please let us know how is your diet like… 

  • KinoYoga 7 years ago

    I follow a simple vegetarian diet 🙂

  • Tos Nippon 7 years ago

    Hi Kino, just discovered your videos today. I can do a downward dog but when I begin to bend my elbows, my lower body seems to fight it, I feel like my arms are too short but I’m proportioned. Is this normal for a beginner?

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