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  • sunil daniels 7 years ago

    Great vid practised these techniques thought they were awesome for the perverted guys get a life do u know how sad it is to be leaving those sorta comments on relaxation vids makes u idiots look like total dicks if u aren’t already

  • WODW Stress 7 years ago


  • Alexandra Macey 7 years ago

    Amazing! I feel relieved of stress already!

  • monochrome1965 7 years ago

    why are people so pevry 

  • spoonido 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting. (Another polite comment from a man.)

  • Sofia Castillo 7 years ago

    nice !!! made me feel a slighty good .. gracias

  • dodomanrique 7 years ago

    I have three hernias in my back. Can I do these exercises? I did three days,and I feel pain in my muscle (low back). Thank you .

  • Richard Franetzki 7 years ago

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  • iobeynothing14 7 years ago

    wtf is this is so so so so boring your so so so slow try teachig how to be slow

  • elperrodelace 7 years ago

    Nice video, continue making more(:

  • IMKFIT 7 years ago

    I absolutely love the music

  • April Ward 7 years ago

    JUST did this for the first time. I feel so relaxed already!

  • Mamy Honey 7 years ago

    I just would like to ask you something
    I have anxiety and panic attack so can this vid can help me out
    Help me plz
    I need your answer plz
    Thank you

  • itsahaleything 7 years ago

    Are you suppose to feel high after doing this? I think I got a little too relaxed.

  • Feather1916 7 years ago

    >_> the more comfortable clothes you wear during yoga, the easier it is to do the stretches, obviously that shirt and her loose pants offer her more mobility than others so she uses it, she’s not trying to “show” anything, grow up

  • potterylady1 7 years ago

    This looks so relaxing. I will be trying this.

  • keywestboxing o. 7 years ago

    U know damn right U’d bang her

  • david douris 7 years ago


  • precious1mk 7 years ago

    Thank you! I love your videos on stress!  The best fr this working mom!

  • torianna maguire 7 years ago

    thank you so much. i feel so relaxed after this….keep posting videos! xo

  • srn2388 7 years ago

    This really helped the tension in my upper back and neck due to my period..

  • djronin84 7 years ago

    Can you recommend a short routine for back pain (sciatica).I have two disc herniations L 5 & C2

  • maddie mannix 7 years ago

    love that xxx

  • CristinaNyan 7 years ago

    i did this in my bed

  • vasile gabriel Vlad 7 years ago

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  • Ljubomir Markovic 7 years ago

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  • servantrose 7 years ago

    thank you so much for this. I like your videos better than some others on YT, you explain things and go slowly.

  • Viniprida Mary 7 years ago

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  • mignesme 7 years ago

    Is this a full routine or is there more ?

  • Viola Morgenstern 7 years ago

    I love the background music! Beautiful

  • Akshay V H 7 years ago

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  • RapidCycling07 7 years ago

    I hear you man, but damn!

  • yourworkdone89 7 years ago

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  • Inez Patino 7 years ago

    There seems to be a trend with western yoga teachers where they’ve a need to show off their breasts like in this video for example. What’s this got to do with yoga? Answer; Nothing!

  • Vova Hisamov 7 years ago

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  • Larry Mucland 7 years ago

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  • Igor Druchuk 7 years ago

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  • VRJensen1 7 years ago

    Great Relaxing Video! I’d love to see you post some more video’s about relaxation yoga, maybe some corrective yoga for work strain/soreness and perhaps some guided meditations? Thanks Much! You’re Awesome!

  • kandelila 7 years ago

    Yeah, she should wear a burka, so that chicks like you don’t feel insecure seeing her gorgeous figure. Get over yourself, girl. Xx

  • Bobby Cox 7 years ago

    You guys are amazing! i love doing these exercises and feeling relaxed.

  • Rachel Huston 7 years ago

    I was kind of stressed while doing it because I was worried about me doing it too long and my feet falling asleep but great video

  • pwnuwanprasanga 7 years ago

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