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  • Anna .Suneson 7 years ago


  • JIX9ISLER1986 7 years ago

    Yoga is satanic

  • sodasoap 7 years ago

    why yaga is satanic ?

  • ridg3line 7 years ago

    D yoga in my language means boobs.

  • Kara Ann 7 years ago

    they upload a video every day.

  • TheCatalangamer 7 years ago

    Woaw i read the first 4 comments and i’m like Oo “people make the most retarded comments ever”, anyway great vid I use it after doing my push ups.

  • Ismini Koulouri 7 years ago

    great video! and i just did my workout and got a bit of back pain from the push ups, and then i see this video in my feed ^^ thank you!! <3

  • fabregas222256 7 years ago

    2:13 thank me later

  • Amanda Taylor 7 years ago

    I’ve been struggling with shoulder and neck tension and back pain. In June I missed a lot of work due to something moving out of place that pain and awful headaches it caused, I feel it starting to happen again. I’m going to try this.

  • kortezfitness 7 years ago

    Nice Body Great Video:)

  • Michael McNally 7 years ago

    What a hippie.

  • Mystery207 7 years ago

    Mollie G? Sounds gangster

  • MrFatman2334 7 years ago

    What A Hippie.

  • HigherPlanes 7 years ago

    Don’t be a bitch, this was an awesome workout.

  • Nicole Izquierdo 7 years ago

    The name explains the comment. 😉

  • Nicole Izquierdo 7 years ago

    At first it looked like she didn’t have feet, lol. But seriously, this is great; I have a new baby and my back is getting really abused from lack of exercise, and endless bending over to pick up/put down.

  • xNAILEDxITx 7 years ago

    watching it without sounds it looks like somekind of muslim prayer / doggie style training something…

  • Haji al Kidya 7 years ago

    Yes, it reminds me of Islamic ass-lifts. I guess that’s exercise. Maybe the Muslims learned this from the ancient Hindus.

  • simolui 7 years ago

    question: i suffer from back pain (in the centre of the spine, i work in a kitchen and i do all the cooking and washing so when i’m washing i do bend a little over the sink, can this be causing the pain???) and the exercise on the video would help me????

  • ridg3line 7 years ago

    Wow! Corrina produced this video.. so cool!

  • jugglinggoth 7 years ago

    The bit about pulling my belly muscles back while going into child’s pose made a fairly useless pose into one I could really feel stretching out my lower back. Thanks!

  • ridnkawi 7 years ago

    Great Video and I use these extensively. Been experiencing alot of lower back pain lately. Probably due to Jiu-Jitsu and stress. Thanks for the great video.

  • whiteshadow247 7 years ago

    try it and find out for yourself.

  • howardthecpa 7 years ago

    got a bulging dis in lumber spine. child’s pose for me isn’t fun and hurts.

  • psychetruth 7 years ago

    Thank you 🙂 Check out the newer ones we’ve posted, I’ve even more proud of those, thanks so much!

  • psychetruth 7 years ago

    That sounds like that would cause a lot of strain, I know my back starts to hurt after I wash dishes for a while. Focus on keep good posture, if you search for Posture on our channel we have a few videos to help. And yes this video and Jen Hilman’s Yoga Stretches for Back Pain should help, good luck!

  • simolui 7 years ago

    thank you very much

  • Kyle Thibodeau 7 years ago

    good stuff, too hard for me lol

  • Rukhsana Khan 7 years ago

    Thanks for suc

  • bluemascareprincess 7 years ago


  • claud pirros 7 years ago

    i love Molly;s videos especially hip opener one. thanks helps me alot

  • The Merry Wolf 7 years ago

    I appreciate you posting this. When I have a period, my lower back tends to hurt. I just did this before I went to class this morning, and my back pain is gone! I’ll look into more of your videos! Thank you!

  • zoeyangelpup 7 years ago

    I like the routine but she talks more than necessary and she speaks to fast. I was too busy listening to what she is saying rather than focusing on breathing and postures. I am disappointed because I really liked the routine.

  • Anne Richter 7 years ago

    Agree with previous post…too much talk is distracting…too bad!

  • Igor Sokirov 7 years ago

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  • subramanyan koramangalath 7 years ago

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