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On Friday of the 2011 Yoga Journal Conference, Kasey Luber and David Romanelli hit the streets of New York! Watch as they try to find the Yogis amidst the 8 …




  • Katarina Romanik 7 years ago

    So sad I was not able to join this conference – last year in Boston was AWESOME!! This was such a FUN video – thanks for sharing!!.. Next best thing to being there 🙂 have fun!

  • eko eko 7 years ago

    I love yoga, NY, Jivamukti and specially Sri Dharma Mittra! Good video.

  • Mark A. Buckawicki 7 years ago

    1:40 is classic

  • Anita Goa 7 years ago

    that was fantastic, kasey and david! so fun to watch you spread the love. xo.

  • sporo2000 7 years ago

    04:36 The girl in green is cute. I am smitten

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