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  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    “Dont tell me when youre killing kids that youre just following bloody orders.”

    “old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in ” ~ a dead senator

    ­čÖé THINK! REVOLUTION we need to have now- is an evolution of LOVE-
    you can keep doing what youve always done, but youre going to get what youve always´╗┐ got.

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    if youre ok, with war- & youre not even reaping the benefits from it, THEN YOUVE BEEN BRAINWASHED my friend- esp since it has been you whose gone through THEIR institutions- i have not- so YOUVE gained consent through being taught THEIR ideas- I HAVE NOT- … smart of the enemy to teach the children of those he wants to capture- ….notice i didnt say how wise.´╗┐ -start thinking for yourself- i dont even own a t.v. & i dont listen to the radio- i make my own art,entertainment & music-

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    THANKS for this wonderful´╗┐ video- YOUR comment will be the only one i bother to stop by & read. Blessings!

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    I NEVER SAID TERRORISM DIDNT EXIST- read the communist manifesto & A Brave New World, Revisited (free pdf online)(the author belonged to the Fabian socialist society as do most of the decision makers in the white house- his family was also married to the British Royals-& you better realize quick that it is they & all the other “royals”´╗┐ who call the shots- Fractional Reserve Banking? – that certainly wasnt For US By Us- dont be naive- & do some research & tell me the same grasshopper. :)p

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    believe nothing- research everything -thats been my life long way of going about things- which is why if the mainstream news supports it- i absolutely dont- youll see – everythings backwards- . now good luck looking into it all. Agenda 21 is another thing that shows you who the terrorists are- & thats a tricky one- because theyll lie to your face & tell you its not a directive from the United Nations- but it is my friend & all you need to do is follow the paper trail ActivistPost*com <-goodsite´╗┐

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    agenda 21 is the blue print that is being implemented globally – its the total consolidation of power & that Always leads to democide & totalitarianism- The Totalitarian Tip´╗┐ Toe is whats goignn on right now- & Agenda 21 that will make it so we have no breathing room to draw a picture during the day let alone chose what you eat is set to be in place in 15 years while no one is asking questions- well, luckily so many people are waking up now,& we are doing what we can to change the direction

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    its unfortunate so many´╗┐ dont know whats goin on- THe people who do, need to work harder at waking the sleeping masses- get them to stop drinking the water- taking the chemicals in the food that are dumbing them down, lowering the IQ like the govt intends. look up Operation Paperclip- Truman smuggled the Nazi war criminals over secretly, & gave them new names- I.G farben & Bush’s uncle were complicit in force sterilization of black ppl before during & after the holocaust- its all 1 big picture

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago is a really great site to find truth info that your govt doesnt teach you in their compulsory schools- & john Taylor gatto-UltimateHistoryLesson -gives a list of tons of references from books written ever since the 1600’s- by the elite families that are in power´╗┐ now- theyre just repeating what worked for them throughout history- & what worked was the Reichstag Fire- so they modeled our 9/11 off of the Reichstag fire. Hitlers speech to create the gastapo-identical2 Bush.waronterror

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    you people need to start thinking for yourselves- STOP letting the mainstream media think for you & tell you what is´╗┐ important & how to feel about who & what- you supporting a war you dont even have a clue what it is for -is absolute PROOF that is what youre doing-

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    oh small minded one- just read the comments i wrote above- you are all the same- so i they apply equally to all of you. its funny you all think´╗┐ im a liberal when nothing coul be further from the truth- where do you get your info? above- i would never join any group- so why on earth would i visit a church website- i would never become a liberal either- &you must be such a sad soul- to go around spreading hate & be such an angry casualty of life. good luck to you. i hope you find your way.

  • jenn wyatt 7 years ago

    the mindset of people is so scary- signing up for wars they have no i9dea why theyre even fighting- i mean´╗┐ its been found out that Gulf of Tonkin- (the whole reason for the vietnam war) never happened & the same with every other war- the ppl give their blind support in what theyre told- & never question it. THANKS- & it makes me feel a little safer knowing there are awake thinking ppl like you around. truth & Love.

  • fake shady 7 years ago

    Or he might do some tough training, that will make him strong in body as well as in mind and´╗┐ then he might carry around a rifle or something that he might never shoot at a real person untill he retires.
    Once he retires he might get pension or other benefits from government and he might use his knowledge and skills´╗┐ in other purposeful ways and then he will live a long happy life with pride and dignity.
    And all along we, we will be happy thinking that he was “protecting” our asses..

  • aardvarkmcgillicuddy 7 years ago

    Damn, Jenn! You hijacked this vid, eh? Did you learn any breathing excercises´╗┐ during your rants?

  • FarouqTheLostWang117 7 years ago

    Jenn thank you for expanding my mindset. I have always been searching for truth and I am not saying you are truth or anything. But I do´╗┐ find it amazing that you fight this fight with such vigor on websites such as me. Admirable most indeed. Continue on your path and your truth will touch the people some day! I know it!

  • marionetemanJ 7 years ago


  • Br├şght m├şnds 7 years ago

    Most of us read all the quran at least one time´╗┐ every year and we all know every thing in it beilieving each single letter in it….Without quran I am nothing (I swear)…Thanks God for being muslim… ÔÖą ÔÖą 1 book for nearly 2 billion people world wide !!!..

  • SaturnMarsinvirgo 7 years ago

    You tube get´╗┐ rid of advertisement

  • Sangeeta Shukla 7 years ago

    it is “SUDARSHAN” kriya, not “SOdarshan” kriaya… pl be specific in pronouncing´╗┐ such words… it is cultural harritage of us…

  • AcousticBoy1994 7 years ago

    i love you´╗┐

  • Dell Nidor 7 years ago

    Spot on! More important than how much we inhale is, perhaps, how much we exhale, boosting immune system, energy, blood flow, brain function, and so much more.

    Have also gained enormous energy levels using FoodBoosters (they’re fairly cheap to buy). When we get more energy from less food, the benefits are hard to count, not least of which is way less food coming in.

    Thanks again. Highly recommend these breathing practices, because they are more than exercise, they are life practices.´╗┐ Great job

  • Sylinic 7 years ago

    Haha, that is so pathetic.

    You are nothing, without your silly book, really?´╗┐ Really?

    Stop being a silly bitch.

    Do you actually follow it’s teachings and kill the infidels that don’t believe in YOUR “god”, or do you skim over that part?

    The real “God”, although I don’t like using that term, the universe, divine consciousness/love, doesn’t care if one submits themselves to a silly book of nonsense dogmas that orders the death of non-believers.

  • Mony Mony 7 years ago

    Leave the judging part to God. If you think you can share your knowledge of meditation better, do your own videos, and share them with the rest of humanity. Just remember´╗┐ Karma happens, You will harvest what you saw. All we can read in your comment is a profound hatred, a huge ignorance about religious dogmas, & a vulgar way to express your way of thinking. No one has the right to humiliate, & belittle another human being. I was looking for a way to learn how to mediate, sadly I found your note

  • Mighty Max 7 years ago

    its hard´╗┐ to remember that phrase “Wah Hay Guru” i’m new but i’ll get it, haha

  • mistressofaminer 7 years ago

    Mony Mony´╗┐ Tommy James and The Shondells.

  • lightbike vids 7 years ago

    Is it really.necessary to chant´╗┐ Hindu religious words.or anything will do

  • Poppinfresh09 7 years ago

    any mantra will do´╗┐

  • ripley smith 7 years ago

    so you inhale throught 1 nostril then´╗┐ exhale the other

  • ZachTato 7 years ago

    You look´╗┐ like me.

  • willdmackie 7 years ago


  • Justin Gubler 7 years ago

    Hey it┬┤s BALKI´╗┐ look from the old serie Perfect Strangers!!! 0:16

  • Raven Black 7 years ago

    Your are´╗┐ awesome. Thank you.

  • Vikram Singh 7 years ago

    Anything will do my friend. It is just a physical´╗┐ exercise in the end it has no connection with the spirituality.

  • adrian garcia 7 years ago

    Sloth niggas´╗┐ on this shit

  • Evgen Vishnya 7 years ago

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  • Andriy Koblash 7 years ago

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  • Prakash Joshi 7 years ago

    you are correct. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but´╗┐ nothing was coming. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. i found it here

  • doctamic 7 years ago

    what happens if my nose are always clogged up? can i do this with while breathing´╗┐ threw both nostrils?

  • andicatz 7 years ago

    I only followed a few minutes of it´╗┐ and I felt renewed. Amazing. Will come back to this practice. Thank you.

  • VipMss 7 years ago

    Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the Light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light´╗┐ of life. Follow JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved !

  • ani2706 7 years ago

    I appreciate the´╗┐ physical benefits being claimed. But “psychic” powers? Really? Sudarshan Chakra Kriya is not Pranayama and Pranayama is not Sudarshan Kriya. Good work though.

  • Anil Kapoor 7 years ago


  • RenataLyricMedina 7 years ago

    What exactly are you´╗┐ doing with these “pumps” of the stomach? Just breathing or sucking in?

  • Tara Rai 7 years ago

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  • Tara Rai 7 years ago

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  • Dimuth Rajanayake 7 years ago

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  • MsConfuzzled1 7 years ago

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  • MrEthanhines 7 years ago

    Yes please do´╗┐ describe the “pumps” is air supposed to escape when pumping? Or is it like sucking in your gut to get on a pair of pants. Also is my butt supposed to move or do I isolate the muscles only in the stomach region?

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